The word "Posh" stands for stylish and gorgeous which is exactly what Posh blog is about: creating beautiful content with passion, excitement and a touch of luxury.

The attitude of Posh is largely based on a quote I discovered during a dance performance I saw few years back. "Life could be a dream", was a short but encouraging sentence ever optimistic, full of belief and sparkle that stucked to my mind as a hopefull, encouraging motto offering comforting certainty through thick and thin. It also reminds us of the freedom to choose how we look at life and how it really could be a dream if we open our eyes to the everyday magic and endless possibilities of living.



As for me, my name is Siiri Pakarinen. I'm a third year footwear design student, a fashion blogger and a wannabe ballet dancer from Finland who loves vintage and hopes to write a book someday.

I created Posh blog fife years ago for the love of dreaming and storytelling through clothes and makeup. The idea was to inspire and encourage people to celebrate their individual style boldly and proudly as well as give myself a platform to be creative 

through writing, styling and photography.

I hope you enjoy Posh as much as I enjoy creating it!






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