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Life could be a dream.


Gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated

Charming to meet you,

My blogging journey began in 2016 on one ordinary September. I was in the delicate age of sixteen, had just started high school and desperately wanted to do anything but studying. That was when, sitting in my pale blue room, I set up my own website and humbly decided to call it Posh.


Since, I have always been one for dressing up the content on my blog naturally reflects that: makeup looks, outfits and everything vintage are in the core of Posh but, nowadays, I also share my design studies, knitting and craft projects as well as thoughts on life related topics. 


Even though, I aim to create gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated content, more than anything, I hope my blog to be an inspiring, even remotely educational, uplifting and a delightful place.

Yours truly,




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