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3 Silent Movie Looks For New Year's Eve

The New Years celebration is something I always think of as an endless glittering party in the 1920s silent movies from flowing dresses to sparkling champagne. A day of exciting cheer with an atmosphere of fresh start is something of a real Cinderella story as the whole world waits for the clock to strike at midnight and then for a couple of hours the worlds looks blinding as the glitter of fireworks falls down to the icy ground. All hope for the better, decisions of a happier life, dedication to finding your porpuse and possibilities of love are layed out on the table just for that one second between the last day of December and the first of January as if it was the only moment for them to come true. . .

That is New Year's eve in my childish imagination. A gold hued, champagne headed party with silver screen elegance where everyone looks just that extra bit special while all dreams seem to be tinkling at your fingertips. And while real life is more or less of a catastrophe compared to that perfected, vibrating dream of a New Year's Eve why not to give it a go, especially, after the year we have had? And what better night to go all out with glamour than on New Year's Eve?

Therefore, I took my own advise and I went on Pinterest. I searched every photo of a silver screen star and then on one Tuesday evening tried to mimic their unforgetable glamour. And as a result here I am sharing my silly New Year's Eve fantasy as a silent movie star. . .




There are different types of silent movie starts and one of then is the fatal seducting beauty with unfocused eyes and glamorous furs accompnied with carefully selected jewels glittering against heavily powdered alabester skin. It is safe to say that this looks requires smoky eyes, deep precise lipliners with juicy lipsticks, perfected complexion and sleepy yet dramatic gazing across the room.




Those accelerated silent movie scenes always portray that comical yet oddly sophisticated woman whose looks are tastefully glamorous and classical with hair like a curly blonde cloud shadowing the accessory of choice, a chrystal champagne glass. She is often dazzling in the most stylish of clothes while the makeup is kept clean and simple with thin sharp brows, lashes like butterflies as well as fresh and poreless complexion.




The ultimate silent movie star is the melancholic muse whose life is sprinkeled in unfortunate events, drama and atmosphere of heartacke that circules around wherever she goes. Within the life of a drama queen there also comes clothes as beautiful as the scene of a sad tear falling down porcelain skin and disappearing into the depths of a lace trimmed handkerchief. A hat as her only shelter together with smoked out eyeliner as well as deep brown lips a moment of melancholy is forever captured on a surface of the silver screen.


Do you like dressing up for New Year's Eve?

Do you have any glamorous plans for this year's celebrations?

Which silver screen look was your favorite?


Thank you so much for reading!



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