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5 Reasons Why a Scarf Should Be Your Accessory of Choice

Dearest reader,

I discovered the wonders of a beautiful scarf last summer when I (almost accidentally) wore one just to stay warm during one of those rainy, dim summer's days. Never before had I considered a scarf to be the accessory to go for nor realized its full potential until then. So when, couple of months later, I was packing my bags to go back to southern Finland at the end of my summer holidays, I asked my mom wheter I could borrow the long, vibrant blue silk scarf a bit longer, since I could imagine ever so many splendid outfits it would decorate perfectly. Therefore, as I boarded the train on a much sunnier day than when this story began with a suitcase heavier than I could carry, I had with me not only all my precious new books but also the scarf which I believed to hold the key to a series of charming outfits. Needless to say, I could not help but picture myself in various magnificent citys of Europe walking past people and crossing the roands with my blue scarf flying behind me looking important yet effortlessly busy. Oh, the vanity of my mind is sometimes too delightful to be tamed since I have to keep imagining in lack of the real experience!

Anyway, after deeply philosophican ponderings here are five reasons why we should all choose the scarf life:

Reason 1

Scarfs give any outfit a fabulous air

A scarf casually draped over your shoulder with a simple dress or your favorite tweed suit while you attend to your less fabulous or equally wonderful daily tasks gives of that effortlessly elegant appearance that has a hint of something artistically alluring. Besides it is very rare if not impossible that a silk scarf should be regarded as, well, unglamorous.

Reason 2

Scarfs can be an easy pop of color

If you are one of those people who struggle to incorpotate brighter colors into your looks or simply lives by the "more is more" attitude considering a colorful scarf could elevate your fashion life. Namely, a scarf in your favorite bright color is easy to pare with a neutral wardrobe while also adding some texture, layers and movement to your outfit.

Reason 3

Scarfs are versatile

Any day, any season, any occassion is a scarf approriate time and luckily they come in numerous different shapes, sizes, colours and materials to macth the exact needs of the moment. Furhtermore, there is not only one way to wear a scarf but depending on your look it can be placed on your neck, head, wrist, worn as a top or a skirt or even adorn your bag.

Reason 4

Scarfs are often those more affordable designer items

If you are on the hunt for a beautiful designer piece that doesn't cost a fortune, well, at least, not your whole fortune a scarf is good investment into your favorite brands. If you choose a classic one made from beautiful materials it is likely that you will never have to get another scarf but you still get to enjoy the designer's aesthetic you adore.

Reason 5

Scarfs provide cover and protection

Scarfs are actually very practical wardrobe pieces as many of you propably know, especially, when the weather turns colder. But have you ever considered them to be so even in summer? Namely, you can use a scarf to protect you from the sun on the beach or when sitting at your favorite cafe in mid July. Or perhaps you feel a little bit cold walking home in early autumn dusk and, therefore, decide to wrap yourself into the folds of your silky scarf that subtly gives of the perfume you always wear.

Outfit Notes

Scarf is from my mom | Hat is from a small boutique in Kuopio that doesn't excist anymore | Earrings are secondhand | Pearl necklace is an old one | Blazer is secondhand Andiata retailored for my measurements | Lipstick is Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer in 744L plum | Pink ring is from Pylones | Silver ring is secon always alwaysalwayalwaalwalahana


Do you wear scarfs?

Would you consider trying a scarf now?


Yours truly,



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