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8Am Walk – My A/W Style Essentials

(While you're reading this play Pride And Prejudice's soundtrack "Darcy's Letter" in the backround.)

On one ordinary morning I found myself in a curious situation: I was itching to go for a morning walk before the temperature rises to its unusual heights and all the misty, crispy morning freshness is gone. Therefore, I put on my most autumnal outfit and headed out to have a wonder in a little forest that spreads out from my backyard. This might not sound that exciting nor curious to you but for me taking a morning walk felt sort of magical yet serene in a way that period films make their country scenes look beautiful and effortless with ancient trees, picturesque ponds and a wind blowing from english moorlands.

So it could very well be that on that curious morning I just needed to have a Jane Austen -moment under these lindens which made the scenery of the road covered with leafs truly appear like a place straight out of Pride And Prejudice. And yet, looking to the end of the linden framed road and ceaslessly staring into the empty space between the last two lindens, doesn't it seem that at any time Elizabeth and Darcy could indeed walk into your field of vision.


So, while promenading on the Jane Austen -road with sun's dim early rays peaking through clouds and still full tree branches I wanted to sit down like a proper writer on the early days of humankind, lean to a moss covered tree trunk and write down few lines on my favorite autumn style essentials. And since I was wearing my best autumnal look it seemed only right to tell you about it as well...

So, when it comes to seasons and, especially, seasonal dressing I, like so many of you, have a basic foundation of clothes and styles which I always pull out as the seasons change. Therefore, a lot of what I have in my seasonal wardrobes are somewhat classic, timeless and customiable pieces that will mostly work every autumn while also leaving space for the current trends and new purchases if neccessary.

And while our seasonal styles go through similar updates from t-shirts to knitwear and sandals to boots there's always something different in the styles, colors, pieces and fabrics that we choose to wear. That's also why, I thought it could be nice and perhaps inspirational for you, in case you're looking for autumn inspo, to hear about my autumn wardrobe essentials and why I go back to them year after year.




Hats And Berets

In recent years I have become very fond of hats. Not only are they an instant style update but also keep your head and ears warm (well, most of the time) while sometimes even protecting your hair-do from the wind and rain (Rather fantastic!). Especially, beret -style hats are now an essential part of my autumn style seen as they also create a chic, classical appearance. What's more, berets are very style friendly headwear since you can get them in any colour and decorate with variety of brooches to suit all kinds of styles. Yet another plus is the fact that mostly they're 100% wool.

Featured item: Beret from o.i.s, 100% wool and more than ten years old.

Wool And Cashmere Jumpers

Changing your light blouses and t-shirt into wool jumpers has to be one of the most common shifts in style we experience when going from s/s to a/w. And I am no different from you or you or you. In fact, I am a knitwear collector at this stage and when the autumn comes I run to my knitwear cupboard and force myself into wearing them even if it ends up in sweat and over heated body temperature because the weather is not there yet. Last year I started even knitting my own jumpers (the best way to get what you want and in the right size by the way). But the style that has been dominating my knitwear collection the past six years for its sophisticated and smart style has been no other than the poloneck. So every year in a/w this is the jumper that gets worn almoust everyday.

Featured item: Poloneck jumper from Benetton, 100% wool and at least six years old.

Plaids And Tartans

Plaid is my favorite pattern of all time and I do not care if it's not in style (but luckily tartan is quite classic) because it looks so gorgeous and luxurious and so English. Or should I say Scottish? Anyway, few years back there was the checked blazer trend and this year it's about head to toe checks from classic tartan to houndsthoot and prince of wales etc. But beyond the trendy moment of checks I think tartan is always going to be in for autumn. At least, my tartan skirt is something of a gem in my wardrobe since it makes any outfit look like I'm attending Oxford university (that is a plus, by the way) while earning a permanent spot in my a/w style.

Featured item: Scottish tartan skirt, made in Edinburgh, 100% wool and vintage from 1970s.


If changing your lighter tops into jumpers is common during a/w then perhaps even more common is changing our coats into much warmer ones since we can't go around freezing in the north wind. For me this doesn't just mean getting a coat that fuctions well but rather having a statement on its own. Therefore, in my mind a beautiful coat is always a good investment and something that will take your style far with basics underneath. So if you're in a need of a new coat this year I recommend you look for unique buttons, bold colors and give a vintage a go. I fact, this coat here is vintage and isn't it just sensational.

Featured item: Double breasted coat from Lacoda, 100% wool and vintage from the 1970s (from my grandmom's wardrobe).

Boots And Loafers

If we talk about shoes there's surely nothing more aesthetically pleasing than leather boots and expensive loafers. Do you agree? To me anyway these are on the very top of my list of favorite of shoe types, after Chanel slingbacks of course. There's just something in the smooth leathers of riding boots and in the brogue seams that makes boots and loafers so desirable, so costly and oh so classic. Needles to say that getting back to wearing these shoes feels good and like I never wore my 70s platforms (which I do love of course! Can't beat the Elton John vibes!).

Featured item: Leather loafers, made in Italy and vintage from the 60s or 70s (from my grandmom's wardrobe).


What are your autumn/winter style essentials?

Are they same as mine or something different?

Is there any new fashion pieces you would like to try this autumn/winter?

Do you enjoy morning walks?


Thank you so much for reading!


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