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A perfect last minute gift – Perfume

Do you ever run out of ideas what presents to give? Especially Christmas is a time to stress about presents when you are ones again looking for gifts way too late. And sometimes, somewhere between stress, preparations and trying to relax a bit, you might become little overwhelmed what gifts to buy. But don't you worry because I have come up with an easy solution: perfumes.

Fragrance might sound a little scary to give as a present. What if she or he will hate the scent? Well that is always a possiblility but there is also a big chance they will love it and feel really special. Namenly, scents actually leave a memory trace and when ever we smell that scent again it takes us back in time in our memories. Therefore perfume is actually a beautifull gift that holds meaning. However, if you're not sure at all what type of scent to get then maybe something simpler suchs as flowers or chocolate is a saver option.

Here's are a few perfumes to look out when shopping...

Lancome: La vie est belle

There are no better words to describe this scent than what it is called: Life is beautiful. This iconic perfume not only smells beautiful but also looks elegant and sophisticated. La vies est belle is a perfect get a away to the streets of Paris and will make your day that extra bit more magical. This is perfect perfume for someone that loves traditional, iconic and more heavier scents.

Transversal Notes: Iris Top Notes: Pear, Blackberry Heart Notes: Pallida Iris concrete, Orange Blossom and Jasmine Sambac absolutes Base Notes: Heart of Patchouli essence

Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium

Black Opium is full of life, energy and boldness that will kick strat any evening, day and night succesfully. This is scent for a strong, confident, modern woman who will do what she wants no matter the time, age or day. Black Opium is addicting, award winnig scent that will leave its wearer wanting for more.

Top notes: Coffee beans

Heart notes: jasmine sambac, fleur d’oranger

Base notes: vanilla, cedar, patchouli

Prada: Candy Kiss

Prada Candy Kiss is sweet, musky, feminine and flirtatious: perfect for a lighthearted woman who loves to have fun. Prada Candy Kiss is easy to wear and makes anyone wearing it happy like they could fly. Even thought, it is such a fun and light scent Prada Candy Kiss is also strong and confident without exceptions.

Top notes: Musk

Heart notes: Orange blossom

Base notes: Vanilla

Other great tip is to find out what parfumes your friend, family member, girlfriend, boyfreind or parter already wears and what type of scents they love. At the easiest you can just get a new bottle of their favorite parfume and no doubt they'll love it.

Thank you so much for reading!



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