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All Of The Things I Shall Wear In Paris... Someday

Before the pandemic we were suppose to take my grandma to see Paris. Since she has visited any other place on earth from New York to Jerusalem but not Paris a girls' trip was a necassary addition on things to do in 2020. But then, you all know what happened and of course Paris got cancelled. Shameful, painful and oh so unfair I thought. But after a while I of course remembered that us not seeing Paris is not the worst thing in the world. So we will live on and maybe someday when the air has cleared and Paris is ready we will go and it will feel even better to be in Paris. Until then, all we can do is to plan out outfits, learn french, stay healthy and hold on tight to our postcard Mona Lisas. But it will happen! It has to happen.

So here's to future and

all of the things I shall wear in Paris... someday!


If there ever was a place to wear endless ropes of pearls it is in Paris. What else would you even pack! Some lingerie, a beret perhaps and a lipstick? In your wildests Parisian dreams I am sure pearls are more than enough, so don't worry too much. However, a knitted bralette would work nicely with a matching cardigan and classic black jeans but just because Paris can be a bit rainy...

Another thing you cannot leave for Paris without is a little black dress. It is a Parisienne essential and basically born in Paris so it would be rude not include it with your pearls. Besides when visitin 31 Rue Cambon store it is good to be appropriately dressed in black, white and beige and if you're able to throw in a little bit of red... ç'est fantastique!

Lastly, Paris style is not complited without that gorgeous blazer moment with a scarf around your neck. Personally, I feel like it is best to go with a classic pattern such as houndstooth or a chic fabric like tweed. However, since no blazer is hardly unappropriate I am sure anything from pin stripes to metallic sheen would look magnificent.


Where will you travel when we are allowed again?

Where are you traveling right now in your mind?

Is there any particular outfits that reminds you of a certain place?


Thank you so much for reading!



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