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Blogmas 2021: All Time Glam – First Snow

When it comes to glamorous dressing I feel like we should go all out this December. From ballrooms and star gazing to cocktail parties and concerts there surely has never been a more fitting moment to enjoy what you wear than right now. Be it diamonds, velvet slippers, a dramatic hat or a red lip nothing should be off limits as we celebrate the end as well as the most sparkling season of the year. Therefore, I have put my most fabulous foot forward and created a series of beauty and fashion looks inspired by the most glamorous places, people and items under glittering

December stars...




Have you ever heard how winter's first snow fall comes about?

. . .

It all begins with a blue little bird
Flying down from clouds
Carring on its blue little back
A fairy size of a mouse

Born in the heart of a snow fall cloud
The little fairy had come to the ground
Composing a wintery tune
And swishing it towards the moon

So with moonlight and tinkle of bluebird's laugh
Charming the winter's delicate craft
Conjures the fairy sweet flakes of snow
Making our wolrd a wintery show

Now lies the whole wide world
Under shimmering, thikening snow
And silently in this wedding gown
Bits winter, ouh hello


Every year the first moments of snow fill our conversations with a sense of excitement which means that everyone you meet will most likely have something to say about snow: how lovely it looks, how much brighter everything is and how festive it makes them feel. But is it any wonder, since it is quite wondrous how wet rain can turn into a white, almoust fluffy snow fall.

So, overnight the world has changed into its wintery dress and with that it has turned everything upside down. What once was dark is now light and even shadows have gotten a fresh shading of deep blue and purple. Not only does your surroundings look different with snow but they also sound different and smell different. Your footsteps have that snowy scrunch and the air smells possibly cold. But what personally is my favorite thing about snow is how it sparkles like diamond dust even in the dimmest light and, yes, how it reminds me of a dusting of powdered sugar which, delighfully so, makes all your baking attempts look like it accidentally snowed on them.

Therefore, I feel like it is safe to say that the world is a more macigal place when it snows!

Get The Look

This look takes inspiration from the scenery after first snow fall from deep blue shadows to a sparkling crust of snow.

Base – Lumene Blur 16h Longwear Foundation shade 00 Ultra Light Kuulas / Lumene Blur Longwear Concealer shade Light / Lumene Matte Pressed Powder shade 0 Translucent / Lumene Natural Glow Bronzer shade 1 Artic Summer .

Cheeks – Lumene Invisible Illumination palette shades Golden Twilight, Rosy Dawn and Pink Blossom

Brows – Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Pencil 3

Eyes – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shades 1, 10, 12 and 16 / Lumene True Mystic Mascara

Lips – Lumene Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lipliner Shade 3 / NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shades 9 and 11


What is your favorite thing about snow?


Thank you so much for reading!



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