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Blogmas 2021: All Time Glam – Pearl Dynasty

When it comes to glamorous dressing I feel like we should go all out this December. From ballrooms and star gazing to cocktail parties and concerts there surely has never been a more fitting moment to enjoy what you wear than right now. Be it diamonds, velvet slippers, a dramatic hat or a red lip nothing should be off limits as we celebrate the end as well as the most sparkling season of the year. Therefore, I have put my most fabulous foot forward and created a series of beauty and fashion looks inspired by the most glamorous places, people and items under glittering

December stars...



Pearl is a natural gemstone born because of an oyster which creates layers of pearlescent nacre on top of an irritant that has entered into its shell. Naturally occuring pearls are extremenly rare and before their cultivation pearl was the most precious of gemstones.

Afforded only by royalty and nobility pearls have been a topic of fascination since the anciet times. In many cultures and religions pearls symbolize wisdom, purity, love, union and loyalty. They have been immortalized in portraits of the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Catherine de Medici making pearls also the ultimate symbol of welth and status. For instance, Cleopatra is said to have dissolved one of her pearl earrings in vinegar and drank it in order to win a bet against Marc Anthony that she could host the most expensive dinner in history.

Moreover, the mythical origin of pearls has varied from culture to culture. Generally, pearls have been assosiated with water but for their round shape and pale luminosity they have also been connected to the moon. In Bibel Adam and Eve's tears turn into a lake of pearls, in Japanise legends pearls were born out of tears of mythological creatures while Chinese believed that pearls come from inside a dragon's head.

Get The Look

In this beauty look I was inspired by the contrast between the rough outers shell of an oyster and its glistening inside covered in precious nacre.

Base – Lumene Blur 16h Longwear Foundation shade 00 Ultra Light Kuulas / Lumene Blur Longwear Concealer shade Light / Lumene Matte Pressed Powder shade 0 Translucent / Lumene Natural Glow Bronzer shade 1 Artic Summer.

Cheeks – Lumene Invisible Illumination in shades Gloden Twilinght, Rosy Dawn and Pink Blossom.

Brows – Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Pencil shade 3.

Eyes – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shades 7, 15 and 16 / Lumene Invisible Illumination shade Golden Twilight / Lumene True Mystic Volume mascara.

Lips – Lumene Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lipliner shade 4 / HAVU Cosmetics Lipstick shade Blush.


Would you have drank your pearl earring like Cleapatra?


Thank you so much for reading!


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