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Bohemian summer night – A moment of magic

When I think of bohemian summer night I see white flowing dresses, tan colored leather, brimmed hats and basket bags. I imagine natural, soft, smooth skin with effortless hair.

I hear birds singing whilst the air gets chilly in the forest. Everything is still but yet constantly moving. The atmosphere has this sense of a balanced between wildlife and people. It's a perfect dreamy summer night when everything feels light and wonderful. A rare moment when all the creatures of the world enjoy a touch of peace.

This bohemian summer look is all about being as natural as possible. Natural color palette, natural makeup, natural hair. Everything needs to be as easy and effortless like a quiet forest while still looking absolutely amazing. And this all is achievable when you just forget the glam and the fuss for a moment and focus on the positive, calm mindset. No bold, bright colors, no layers of makeup, no perfect hair do, just you and a bird sitting on a branch.

I pared together an old white dress, demin jacket and tan colored accesories in order to get a bohemian look. Simple lace, distressed denim and a braided backpack with a bouter hat together with an easy to wear leather boots is a delicious mix of different textures like life in outdoors. Everything is different and unique, there's milloins of beautiful textures all perfectly combined.

If you want to get a similar feel to your summer night outfit almost any white or light colored flowing dress works fine. If you don't have a suitable dress you can wear a light blouse or a shirt. Pare your top with jeans or a denim skirt and a denim jacket. In case you don't have a denim jacket and you feel a bit cold nice neutral cargican or a scarf could be a potential option.

Then any neutral toned accesories would be stuning. For example a leather bag or baskets will be perfection and if you don't have a nice pare of boots pare brown toned leather sandals with this look. Lastly you can add some jewerly, and if you fancy, a hat or a headband will look amazing. Gold jewerly could go really well with brown, tan colors and most brimmed hats should suit. For an optional headband you can try tieing up a silk scarf or find something with feathers.

This outfit allows you to breath and move while still being warm enough for those cool summer nights. Lose, comfortable clothing makes sure there's no pressure or tightness pulling and pushing your body.

Let the air touch and hug your skin!

A perfect summer night is filled with fresh air, trees, grass and fields.

It's a happy but a mysterious place.

An extaordinary time to be a life.

You might know that hole in time where everything is just so pleasant. It's a moment when runing through trees feels more magical than usually. It's like a gap when two different lifes can become one for a while. It's a time when even flowers sleep. In that little gap in time things so unique happen that when they're brought up to daylight they seem utterly ridiculous. But we all know those ridiculous events during that wonderful little gap in time are the best things, things we remember forever.

True moments of magic.

Magic moments

Magic moments, when two hearts are carin' Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharing

I'll never forget the moment we kissed the night of the hay ride The way that we hugged to try to keep warm while takin' a sleigh ride

Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharin' Magic moments, when two hearts are carin' Time can't erase the memory of These magic moments filled with love

By Perry Como

What is your perfect magic moment?

Thank you so much for reading!



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