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Button It Up! – Cardigan In 3 Ways

Cardigans are one of the trendiest clothing items this a/w and luckily also super classic pieces that can be integrated into everybody's style depending on what kind of colors, yarns and buttons you go for. However, cardigan in itself doesn't sound that exciting and often tends to stay in the shadow of jumpers. This is unfortunate since cardigans are actually so much fun to style and to play around with while actually offering ways to make most of your warmer weather wardrobe during the colder months as well..

So if you're in a need of some cardigan inspiration here's three ways how I plan on buttoning up my dark red cable knit cardigan . . .




Why cardigans are actually really practical is because you're able to pare them with a variety of lighter shirts and blouses that you wouldn't necceserily be able to wear during the colder months. But throwing on your favorite crispy shirt and a soft, warm cardigan lots of money and effort is safed when you mix winter with summer items. Fabulous right! And by the way, this same trick works with dresses as well.

Outfit Notes

DARK RED CARDIGAN (handmade), 

WHITE SHIRT (na-kd), 


BLACK JEANS (Levi's), 

RED BERET (o.i.s), 

QUILTED BAG (vintage, secondhand) 

PATENT FLATS (vintage, grandmom's). 




If you want to have a bit more fun with your cardigans try them on with different skirts and you'll be surprised how many fabulous looks there's to be found with just changing your bottoms. For example, paring your cardigan with a tulle skirt is a wonderful way to make your cardigan look more dressy and appropriate for parties or events or just celebrating holidays safely at home. Moreover, I am sure cardigans would also look super cool and chic with denim, tartan, silk or even with a knitted skirt.

Outfit Notes

DARK RED CARDIGAN (handmade), 


MINI VELVET BAG (secondhand), 

CHAIN JEWELRY (vintage, secondhand),

BLACK HEELS (vintage, grandmom's), 




with SUITS

Suit is a wardrobe stable of every modern woman and when pared with a cardigan your whole look is updated for the season and freshly interesting. So if you're looking new ways to wear your favorite oversized blazer, suit pants or suited shorts cardigan could be the answer you have been looking for. Especially one with statement buttons would look amazing with simple suiting, similarly to what I am wearing here.

Outfit Notes

PINSTRIPE SUIT (secondhand, Andiata), 


QUILTED BAG (80s vintage, great-grandmom's),

CLIP-ON EARRINGS (vintage), 


PLATFORM SANDALS (70s vintage, grandmom's).


Do you like cardigans?

How would you wear your cardigan?


Thank you so much for reading!



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