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Chasing Winter Blues Away – 5 Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Winter Style

"I hate winter. It is cold, dark and I am always tired." is something we hear regularly during the coldest season of the year. But is winter really so bad? And shouldn't we be happy that we still have winters, especially now, when winters have become an endangered season? Besides, shouldn't we learn to see the beauty also in things that can make us sad?

Traditionally, winter is about the death of nature which can be seen everywhere around us: in the bare trees, grey ground, frozen lakes, shorter days and longer nights. But where there is dark there is also light. That is why snow was there to bring light and cover to the death nature as well as create joy for the resilient, living creatures roaming on earth.

However, snow is getting rare as winters grow warmer which hinders the natural balance of light and dark, but that doesn't mean we have to sink into despair. Yes, we need to keep on making more sustainble choices, but even before climate crisis we couldn't change the weather. And we still can't change the weather...

But what we can change is our attitudes. Winter doesn't have to be depressing if you don't let it be. So, even if you're not surrounded be glittering crust of snow and frosted trees you can still find joy in grey days. And as always, happiness is found in the simplest of things, such as, bringing that extra pop of color into your winter style.





Radiant Nail Colors


Beautiful nails oddly make all the difference when it comes to your mood as well as looks. Yet nail color is only a small change in spectrum changes you could do. But that is why we love nail polish. The fact that you can wear the brightest red or emerald green everyday without looking too over the top (even though we also love over the top) is just joyous. What's more, nail polish is also an easy answer when you're on a budget, feeling tired or having no time to think new cleaver outfits. With just a stroke of a brush you have yourself some color and fun during this winter season.


Dashing Earrings


Earrings are a significant part of your simple but fabulous fashion saviours, especially, more unconventional ear jewels play a key role in brightening up your looks. However, the effectiveness of earrings lie on the matter of communication, in which we usually look at the other person's face most of the time, and seen as earrings are so close to your face they make a world of a difference. Personally, I prefer quite bold, vintage earrings which you can just clip on, and sometimes I love the idea of wearing only one earring or two dissimilar ones.


Bright Colored Lipstick


Bright lip is a classic style solution that most of us know and use. But in case you have forgotten or never heard of the power of bright lips I will kindly tell and remind you of it. So, the story goes something like this: when ever you find yourself in a times of trouble or desperation take out that heavy, luxurious bullet of a lipstick which bares the ultimate, sublime solution. Put on your chosen power color and step into the world like nothing unwelcome ever happened. No one will never know that you, indeed, were in a enormous hurry this morning.


"If you're sad

add more lipstick

and attack."

Coco Chanel



Colorful Berets


If you find yourself craving for an easy pop of color that is also going to be warm and chic beret is the item you're looking for. It's a classic and we know they're always availiable in multiple different colors. And onces again, because beret is so close to your face it is going to make you feel and seem like you did more than just added a colorful beret to your all black outfit. Moreover, beret will also cover wonderfully any bad or greasy hair days without mentioning the times when we're just too lazy to do our hair. It's okay to take a little short cut onces in a while!


Chunky Belts


One of my favorite ways to dress up knitwear during winter is belts that make a statement. So, if your favorite knit or go-to outfit feels like it needs a little update just add a belt on it. I, especially, look for more bolder, wider and heavier belts that have a cool twist to them. For example, this belt is a my granmother's old belt which for its huge, gold buckle and western style look will turn any outfit into something way more fantastical.


Thank you so much for reading!



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