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Glam Diaries, week 11 – Putting My Best Shoes Forward...

Tuesday 3.11.2020 – Putting My Best Shoes Forward...

This morning I woke up to the sound of a heavy rain beating against my window and I just thought that it truly feels like November now. I am not complaining by the way just observing the different characters of our months. But since it was really rainy I wanted to brighten up my day by dressing in bold colors which, in my case, usually means blue. So I took out my trusted blue coat and this fur collar that always look so cool together but also reminds me of New York for some reason. And yes, certainly not wearing these shoes out but having fun with them while I'm inside because why wouldn't I and why wouldn't you too put your best shoes forward!

Outfit Notes

Jeans, blue jumper, blue coat, fur collar, blue envelope bag, satin slingback shoes and silver jewelry.


What's your favorite bold color to wear?


Thank you so much for reading!


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