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Glam Diaries, week 12 – Darkness Has Fallen...

Wednesday 18.11.2020 – Darkness has fallen...

Some would say that darkness has fallen when November comes and in many ways that's also true but I leave it up to you to decide whether that's a negative or a positive thing. As for me, I have never been the hater of the dark that falls early but I do have to admit that at the moment I am feeling quite unmotivated to do anything other than watching the new season of Crown or knitting leg warmers to match with my ballet leotards. But what's at least positive is that our ballet class' Christmas performace will happen in December dispite the pandemic situation and althought I am struggling with all those piruettes (I am not even kidding, they're seriously terrible) I am just glad to be a part of something fun and as lovely as a ballet.

But as always, the show must go on so here's this Wednesday's suited look which once again reminds me why suits are absolutely neccessary part of my wardrobe: they're easy, fabulous and smart and with a fun brooch as well as a beret so, so sooooo chic.

Outfit Notes:

Pinstripe suit, navy blue jumper, blue beret, blue envelope bag and silver trainers.


What are you looking forward in December?

What is your favorite ballet?


Thank you so much for reading!



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