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Glam Diaries, week 16 – Who Gets To Say What Is Over Dressed!?

Friday 12.1.2021 – Who gets to say what is over dressed?

It has been a long times since the last Glam Diaries entry here on the blog. Honestly, I just haven't been feeling that fabulous in the past weeks and that really effects the blog because during those times I also don't want to be photographed. But yesterday evening I thought you know what this is stupid I want to wear this beautiful little black dress tomorrow, drink jasmin tea and have cake just because it is Friday. So, am I absolutely over dressed? Sure I might be but after all who gets to say what is over dressed? If I felt today that this party dress and pearls are the perfect outfit then there's nothing over or under about it. Clothes are meant to be worn and I hadn't worn this dress in ages so it was about time I did. Therefore, I hope you too are wearing your party dresses once in a while just because.

Outfit Notes

Ropes of pearls, a little black dress from the 1960s, small gold hoop earrings, a watch and red nail varnish.


Have you been wearing your favorite party dresses just because?


Thank you so much for reading!




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