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Glam Diaries, week 17 – I Have A Spring Fantasy

Thursday 25.3.2021 – I Have A Spring Fantasy

I have a spring fantasy. Acutally, I have many spring fantasies but in one of them I am in a beautiful countryside road surrounded by old moss covered trees and early spring flowers yellow and blue as I head to absolutely nowhere. You see, I am in a hurry to get to nowhere but my way is constantly distracted by the beauty of awakening nature. Therefore, my step slow down, my mind wonders of and I have an urge to sniff everything for everything smells so intense. I feel as though I might become a little curious cat sniffing and wondering of from where I was going. However, seen as I am not a cat a proper attire must be formed in my head for this fantasy or have I just been wondering around naked?! Let's see, a tweed skirt and big felt hat will do for spring is still refreshingly chilly.

Outfit Notes:

A tweed skirt, a white blouse, a brown felt hat, leather loafers, a fur cape, a vintage basket bag and small gold hoop earrings.


Do you have spring fantasies?

What would you have worn for this spring fantasy?


Thank you so much for reading!



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