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Glam Diaries, Week 2 – Back to School

Glam Diaries is where we talk about things that makes a difference for the better in terms of style. Since fashion has a power to lift up your mood and spark little moments of joy I decided to document my everyday glam in this online diary weekly as well as encourage you to also search for those moments of glamour in your own life.

I will also film some of the outfits on igtv. See the videos on instagram @posh_blog.


Monday 24.8.2020 – First Day At School

It's Monday which means it is the first day back at shcool but obviously long distance learning through zoom, the online video tool that has become an everyday essential for many of us. So even though no one is going to see me and I'm not going to others I am still dressing up because that makes everything a bit better. Also looking smart and dressed up can put you in a better head space for studing, working and getting things done after long summer holidays. Therefore, my best tip on getting back to new normal is creating surroundings where you feel good and inspired whether that is a tidy work area, a fabulous long distance outfit or your lunchtime delicacies. Personally, I am looking forward to getting some Åland's pancake for dessert after lunch.

Outfit Notes:

A knitted dress, a white shirt, a white vintage bag, a white belt, a watch, red 70s heels and gold vintage hoop earrings.


Wednesday 26.8.2020 – Another Long Distance School Day

It is an early Wednesday morning and I am getting ready for another long distance school day through Zoom. Yesterday we actually had a face to face lesson at our campus because we're making shoes again and that's not possible to do long distance. Today I also have to go shop some fabric for those shoes I'm working on so my look needs to serve both porpuses: the online school day and heading out for a moment.

Outfit Notes:

Levi's jeans, Minna Parikka sneaks, a blue envelope bag, a victorian style lace blouse, a white military style jacket and silver earrings.


This week's Glam Diaries was a bit shorter but I hope you still enjoyed it.

Which of these outfits were you favorite?

How are you adjusting to everyday life after summer?


Thank you so much for reading!


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