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Glam Diaries, week 3 – Basic, Smart And Fabulous

Glam Diaries is where we talk about things that makes a difference for the better in terms of style. Since fashion has a power to lift up your mood and spark little moments of joy I decided to document my everyday glam in this online diary weekly as well as encourage you to also search for those moments of glamour in your own life.

I will also film some of the outfits on igtv. See the videos on instagram @posh_blog.


Tuesday 1.9.2020 – Another Ordinart Day

It's another ordinary school day, however, not a long distance one for the most part. I am only going to continue the shoes that I am making at school so I wanted to wear something effortless but classic. Therefore, a combination that always looks amazing is, of course, a good old shirt and pants. Then throw on a belt and a beret and you got yourself a chic, parisan style look. Also, am I the only one who thinks this looks has 70s vibes in a very subtle and muted way?

Outfit Notes:

A blue shirt, pinstripe pants, a white blazer, a houndstooth printed box bag, a blue beret, black heels, a vintage gold buckle belt and sunglasses.


Thursday 3.9.2020 – Too much for doing nothing?

So, it's already Thursday. This week has flown by and I feel I hadn't had a chance to do anything that I was planning on doing even though I don't know what I planned. I guess in my head I had this idea of a great productive week but it has been more or less bussy and messy. Anyway today I managed to shoot your this overly glam look that I am only wearing at the house to study and do some chores. But this is glam diaries so can we really be mad about a glamorous look.

Outfit Notes:

A black pants, a puff sleeved top, pearls, black slingback heels, mini vintage bag and a head scarf around a ponytail.


Friday 4.9.2020 – Sometimes basic is best

There is days when you really just want to take the easy road when it comes to dressing up. And whenever those days appear I choose all black since black is a color that is always beautiful, smart, classic and effortless to wear as well as never seems to be boring (I could go on for months about why I love black). However, mostly I just thought that sometimes is better to be basic than try too hard which is a lesson that I forget too often.

Outfit Notes:

A black jumper, black jeans, silver trainers, houdstooth box bag and gold hoop earrings.


How has your week been?

Are you back at work/shcool etc.?

What is your feel good outfit like?


Thank you so much for reading!



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