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Glam Diaries, week 5 – Literally Just Going To The Grocery Store...

Glam Diaries is where we talk about things that makes a difference for the better in terms of style. Since fashion has a power to lift up your mood and spark little moments of joy I decided to document my everyday glam in this online diary weekly as well as encourage you to also search for those moments of glamour in your own life.

I will also film some of the outfits on igtv. See the videos on instagram @posh_blog.


Tuesday 15.9.2020 – Keeping It Blue

It's another new week and I am starting Glam Diaries with this blue look completed with a cool wool jacket and red boots. However, to be honest this look is probably too warm for this weather but I'm still going to wear it because it's cute. Actually, I came up with it last night while I was trying to sleep, typical I know... Anyway, I hope your week has started of well and you're enjoying Glam Diaries.

Outfit Notes:

A blue jumper, jeans, a tweed style jacket, a blue envelope bag, silver jewelry and red boots.


Thursday 17.9.2020 – Just hoping to stay warm...

So today is possibly the windiest day of the year and of course I decided to walk to school but it's all fine, don't you worry. However, in order to survive the walk I took out my matching jumper and cardigan in navy blue and pared them with my favorite jeans as well as this cool leather jacket. But in all honesty, I must say that the outfit would have been better with a classic trenc coat.

Outfit Notes:

A navy blue jumper, a navy blue cardigan, black jeans, black leather jacket, quilted vintage bag, black boots, gold jewelry and a navy Longchamp tote bag.


Friday 18.9.2020 – Literally just going to the grocery store...

It's Firday which means balet class day! One of the best days in a week although my balet class is a bit too diffcult for me but at least I get to challenge myself weekly. Anyway, today's look is literally what I wore to the grocery store... how fabulous right? Well, I guess life can't be too exciting everyday. Also yes, these jeans again!

Outfit Notes:

Black jeans, a pin stripe blazer, a beige cardigan, a lace bodysuit, a vintage quilted bag, gold clip on earrings and brown boots.


How your week went?

What was your favorite look?

What did you wear this week that made you feel good?


Thank you so much for reading!


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