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Glam Diaries, week 8 – Wearing This Jumper Again!

Glam Diaries is where we talk about things that makes a difference for the better in terms of style. Since fashion has a power to lift up your mood and spark little moments of joy I decided to document my everyday glam in this online diary weekly as well as encourage you to also search for those moments of glamour in your own life.

I will also film some of the outfits on igtv. See the videos on instagram @posh_blog.


Monday 5.10.2020 – Wearing this jumper again!

I feel like for the past week my instagram has been filled with this jumper. But what can I say... it's so fabulous! Therefore, I am wearing it again this Monday on my long distance school day but this time with a lovely tartan print skirt. And isn't this outfit just so delightfully autumnal.

Outfit Notes

A knitted jumper, a tartan skirt, a beret, a vintage bag, vintage shoes and some gold hoop earrings.


What is your favorite things to wear during autumn?

Do you love wool knits as well?


Thank you so much for reading!


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