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Glam Diaries, week 9 – I Watched "Emily in Paris"...

Tuesday 20.10.2020 – I watched "Emily in Paris"....

So, I watched Emily in Paris, the newest Netflix obsession and, well, I have never wanted more to take the next flight to the city of fashion, passion and art than right now.... But since the pandemic is still roaming around all I or we can do is to set Eiffel tower as our laptop wallpaper, learn some french and plan future outfits to wear in Paris. And that's what I did this evening.

Outfit Notes

White wool jumper, lace tights, black vintage heels, white wool hat, glittering dress, glittering bag, mini bag and a quilted vintage bag.


Have you watched "Emily in Paris"?

Do you love Paris as well?

Can you speak french?


Thank you so much for reading!



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