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GLAMOUR! – Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

We are soon entering the most glamorous time of the year, December, which means not only glamour but sparkle as well are hanging on the very air that we breath ensuring a month long high from the veil of stardust and secretive atmosphere of Chritmas preparations. Therefore, considering the year we have had and difficulties that still lay ahead December has never felt more thrilling a time. Even the chocolate boxes at my local supermarket have never looked so delicious in their various shining wrappings promesing a sweet, comforting sensation at the end of a hard days work.

It also seems that the most December enthusiastic people I follow on Instagram have fully decided to skip November and move on to December with Christmas trees and Frank Sinatra singing on the background. And while I usually find this kind of behavior unnecessary when we're not in December yet I have also found that this year (understandably so) I cannot help but smile with excitement at the idea of that universal sparkle filling my heart at a sight of chocolate boxes.

But while I'm still trying hard not to fall into the arms of December sooner than expected I also realize why we love December time, especially this year. And it's not just Christmas but the sudden glamour that fills even the most unglamorous of spaces. It is the need for things to look pretty and glittery and cosy and safe. And no matter what you believe in, it is about seeing that hopeful far away star waving for us in cold space immediately bringing a sense of hope that fills the heart with porpuse to be better.


So after all, one thing seems to be sure in this unsure world: be it the spirit of Christmas or, as I like to put it, the glamour of December sparkle makes us feel and do better for others and ourselves.

And as for me, I have never doubted the power of glamour but it is only this year that I fully see that power taking over unexpectedly, unannounced and uninvited but no less welcomed. In fact, perhaps glamour is precisely what the doctor ordered with an extra serve of chocolates, champagne and an urge to wear lipstick just to prepare us for 2021 and all the hard work we need to do then.

But before that I hope you are going to enjoy this glamorous time of year even if it's different to what we are used to since it is quite an incredible privilege to be able to be and feel glamorous!


Are you looking forward to December?

Do you have any glamorous plans ahead?

Do you agree that glamour is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered?


Thank you so much for reading!




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