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Happy 5 Year Blogging Anniversary!

It feels some what odd to say that I have been blogging for fife years mainly because I cannot believe it myself. When I first started in September 2016 I was sixteen years old and had just started high school. Although I posted next to nothing during the first year I remember making it my mission to carve out this space for myself. And now, fife years and several website layouts later, the blog is finally starting to look uniquely me (well, hopefully). However, I am sure it will continue to develop when I get bored of the current style.

Same can be said about my blog posts. Namely, I started with makeup looks and fashion styling and while those topics are still amongst my favorites we have also talked about books, old hollywood, vintage and most recently my studies in design. Naturally, as I have grown from a teenager to a young adult the topics have also changed and varied when I learned new things or discovered new ideas. I even tried a form of storytelling in last year's blogmas which I actually want to do more of.

Moreover, I have to confes that I always liked the idea of writing a blog, so perhaps it was inevitable to happen some day. And what a wonderful struggle it has been because it has not been smooth sailing even if it sometimes appears so. Namely, I had to learn how to build a website, how to edit and take photographs, how to write blog posts and how to talk about blogging to others etc. Then I also had to learn to be a some sort of model (what a nightmare!) which I find, depending on the occasion, either extremely fun or extremely uncomfortable. Needles to say, there has been a lot of learnings during these fife years as well as numerous mistakes from outfits to instagtam posts.

"You should trust

yourself on the things

that gives you purpose."

And of course, there has been times when I have felt embarrassed about blogging and times when I could not help but wonder if it's all worth it and whether anybody is reading. But dispite all the doubts I have kept on going because I have spent too much time doing this to give it up in a moment of weakness and whether it is embarrising or not I realized that I nor anyone else should go on living being embarrassed about the things they find worth doing just because somebody else finds it dumb. (Then again, most things are dumb anyways so you might as well own up to it.) Futhermore, it is much easier said than done and I will propably regret saing something so cheezy but, you should trust yourself on the things that gives you purpose.

That being said, this blog has given me a safe place to be connected with the world althought I still feel nervous every time I publish a new post. But generally, I feel like I am not a very approachable person, therefore being in touch with others feels sometimes easier through blogging, even though it is not the same thing as talking face to face, but still something every human being needs no matter how introverted or shy a person.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I thank everyone who has ever read a post, commented or visited the blog. You made my day! I also want to give thanks to friends and family members who have supported and helped me on this random blogging journey. You know who you are and thank goodness for you!


Dress – Made by me

Earrings – Sézane

Gloves – Vintage

Lipstick – HAVU Cosmetics, shade blush

Lipliner – Lumene Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lipliner, shade 4

Mascara – Lumene True Mystic Volume

Eyeshadow – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette, shades 1, 7, 9 and 12


Thank you for the last fife years!

It has been a fabulous time but now I want to ask you...

How do you connect with the world?

What things give you porpuse in your life?


What has been your favorite blog post from me?

What do you like about my blog?


Thank you so much for reading!




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