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How I'm Styling The Blue Top I Knitted – Summer Knitting 2022

Dearest reader,

This top was one of my summer knitting projects and features a v-neck with honeycomb cable pattern. I used four yarn balls of light blue cotton and bamboo yarn which I knitted using number 3 knitting needles. I am not sure how long it actually took to knit the top but I would say roughly about a month in slow speed. What is more, I was thinking about adding short sleeves to the design but now I think perhaps not, however, that leaves me with two leftover yarn balls which I might turn into a hat. We'll shall see.

But enough about that!

Let's talk about how I am planning on styling the top.

Because I am currently obsessed with wearing this deep but vibrant blue scarf with everything, naturally, I had to style it with this top as well. I just feel so elegant and artistic with a scarf around my neck! Besides, both of the blues (top and scarf) looks so good with these gold vintage jewellery pieces from Audrey Leighton Vintage. To keep the outfit somewhat casual I just added my everyday light blue jeans to the mix since they always work no matter what.

A fun fact, I actually find blue jeans more wearable than black.

Outfit Notes:

Blue knitted top is made by me | Scarf is borrowed from my mom | Earrings and necklace are from Audrey Leighton vintage | Jeans are old Levi's | Bag is 1980s vintage from my great grandmother


Did you like the look?

Which do you find more wearable: blue or black jeans?


Yours truly,



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