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How I'm Styling the Green Cardigan I Knitted

Dearest reader,

If you have been following my knitting journey then you might remember this cardigan I finished knitting couple of weeks ago. You can read about the knitting process here where I share my tips and learnings. Now that I have had time to actually wear the cardigan to different occassion (at home and, well, once to the movies) I thought I would share one of my favorite ways to style it.

Obviously, the cardigan looks quite nice just on its own. However, recently I wore it on a chillier day with this scarf of deep teal blue I borrowed from my mom and, surprisingly, it works. Being 100% silk the scarf drapes beautifully over the shoulders and gives that effortless artist on a lunch break kind of look. Perhaps, I should hop on a plane to Paris!

I also left the cardigan half open for a trendy, summery vibe and pared it with this pale pink crochet bikini top that macthes with the cardigan's glass buttons. On the legs I chose to go for my everyday jeans but linen pants or shorts or a mini skirt would also work well.

Then to complite the look I just added my everyday accessories which I always seem to be wearing: gold hoop earrings from Bonanza Paris and my favorite white 1980s vintage flap bag.

Outfit Notes:

Green cardigan is made by me | Scaf is my mother's | Bag is 1980s vintage from my great grandmother | Lipstick is Clinique's "Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation" in 05 Camellia | Lipstick case is secondhand | Earrings are from Bonanza Paris | Pink ring is from Pylones | Silver ring is secondhand | Jeans are from Levi's | Crochet bra is made by me


Did you like the look?

Where do you think I am going dressed like this?

Would you consider wearing scarfs more often?


Yours truly,



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