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How To Be Stylish Every Single Day Of The Year – Work, School And Free time

As the reality of getting back to work or school hits after long summer's days, some of us might feel excited about the arrival of autumn, while the other half is slaped with a shock of early mornings and horror of having absolutely nothing to wear. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. In fact, having nothing to wear is something that even the most fashionable of people in this world cannot avoid. Surely, Victoria Beckham has these days as well! I mean, she must have, mustn't she? Either way, "how to stay stylish every single day?" is a question that has been haunting the womanhood long enough, so long that people have strated to ask me this question of style only Coco Chanel (the fashion queen herself) could answer. However, I am still going to try my best to cover all the areas of this question and help you my friends to forget that having-nothing-to-wear-days even existed.


How to have everything to wear and stay that way:





There's two things you need to figure out in order to get things runing smoothily during tight and busy mornings.

Basic makeup routine is the key of getting ready in the mornings

Firstly, find your stand by, stable beauty products that gets the jobb done quickly and effortlessly. Knowing what you like and works safes up so much time and nerves in the morning, when you don't have to think about if the out come is going to be good or horrible. And I am not talking about just makeup, I am also talking about skincare which in many cases can prevent bad makeup days and ease the quick and sometimes messy application.

Know your skin type

Even though, everyone has their own individual skin that reacts differently to temperature, chemicals and even food, our skins can be divided into different gruops by they looks and feels:

dry skin

oily skin

combination skin


acne prone etc.

Knowing where your skin falls in these skin categories can really help you to find the right products and care that will perform well on your skin. Also, visiting a profesional dermatologist will be a huge help for your skin as well as when searching the right products.

Find your products

After you know your skin type it is easier for you to hunt down suitable products for your skin and safe some time while shopping. So, if you find your skin to be oily look for things that will control oil production on your face and perhaps invest in a good powder and a matte foundation. But in general, search espacially good, basic producst such as foundation, consealer, poweder, mascara and lipstick as well as products with multi purposes. Multi purpose products are usually products that perform well on many different areas of need. For example lipstick works on your lips but also makes a pretty blush or a brow pencil can be both a brow definer as well as a subtle eyeliner. And surely, if your on a budget finding versatile products is essential for your wallet.

Learn what looks good on you

Ones you have found your stand by products you have to learn what techniques suits on you but also how do you want to look like. This means, you not only have to practise how to apply makeup on you but also find your shades and colors. Some find they don't like liner but others simply love it for everyday wear while a lot of people adore red lipstick but keep it for special occasions. So, finding your everyday makeup routine is a combination of knowledge about your skin and bone structure but also just raw preferences. But of course, your makeup routine should reflect more so your individual style, which can change and evolve through the years. However, it is just a whole lot easier to deal with life when you have some basics things to stand by.


Having a hair routine can change everything

Firstly, I have to say that hair is not my strongest suit but over the years I have definitely learned some useful tricks on how to keep your hair looking good at all times, even when my hair is dirty and I couldn't care less.

Hair styles for both clean and second day hair

One of the essential things about hair for me is, ones again, to have a good basic style when my hair is clean and lose, so that when I need to get ready fast I know precisely what to do. I call it my signature hairs style which takes about ten minutes to do with a hair straighner in the mornings and last about two to three days. I just curve the straighner in while draging it down my hair so that the ends of my hair are curved towards my head. This is super simple technique and works well with longer hair as well creating more of a wavy result rather than curly. I do this because I hate how curls look on me but I still want a little volume and wave so that my hair looks more like blow dried and airy. Then I just add a litte hair spray and call it a day.

What is your go to hair style for clean and greasy hair?

Clean: Curls, straightened, blow dried, waves, hair accessories etc.

Second day hair: Braids, ponytails, buns, pulled back with pins, hair accessories etc.

So, the above is something what I do for my clean hair but if my hair is a little bit greasy and flat, I tend to pin it back because that just super easy for my shorter hair. But when I had longer hair I usually did brainds or a low ponytail on my second day hair days because they were easy and pretty but still quite sophisticated styles. If you have longer hair you could also do buns and espacially lower buns are quite popular now but also so chic.

Hair accesories to dress up

Hair accesories are a marvelous way to dress up not only your hair but also your outfit, and they're also fabulos solutions for your second day hair crisis. Headpands, ribbons, scarfs, pins and even hats can make your hair look cool again bringing some spice to your everyday style. My favorite hair accesories are hats and pins which I wear also for the style not just to cover the bad hair day.





At Work

What you wear to work depends on your job and usually your work uniform is something you live in, at least, 50% of your time. This alone, makes workwear a very important outfit that not only reflects your business or industry but also who you are as a person. It is an outfit you should carry with pride and feel good about dressing in every single morning because, as women, workig and earing independently is still a privilege that even in this day and age has been denied from women in some parts of the world. So, when going to work make sure you feel powerful, inspired and respected no matter who you work with or where. Therefore, if fashion can give you the sense of empowerment, use it. And remember that you really do dress for succes!


















At School

Education is a privilege to receive, so why wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward and look fabulous while taking a class? After all, education is about helping us to reach our dreams, encouraging us to use our talents for good, giving us the tools to understand both the good and the bad sides of the society while providing us a chance to have our voices heard. Therefore, you should motivate yourself to do more, see more and ask more often. Make yourself remember that even though it can be extremely tiring and at times frustrating, improving your skills and broadening your view of the world is never a wast of time. And only a fool would forget to dress for the occasion.











On Free time

Free time isn't any less valuable from work and school time because it's time to have fun, let your hair lose and see your friend as well as take care of yoursef. But most of all you need freetime to balance out life, and yes, to bring out those more relaxed outfits, crazier dresses and even higher platforms, so that life doesn't get to have a boring moment even when watching your favorite HBO series. And I guess that at the end of the day, life without freetime is like a classis flap wihtout cc, just not complited and simply not right.











Thank you so much for reading!



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