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How To Update Your Favorite Blazer

Shall we start the new year 2021 with a more sustainable approach?!

Let's begin with updating our favorite clothing items with a little glam and sparkle. . .


Wheter it is a classic black, a pinstriped, a hot pink or a blue sequine number, blazer is a wardrobe basic for women, men and for all in between. It is the item that doens't need much else but your gorgeous face. However, from time to time we find ourselves needing a little update, some sparkle and a veil of newess to make our favorite blazers even more exciting. That is when it is time to dive into your grandmom's jewelry box and vintage stores' shiniest section. Yes, I am talking about brooches in diamonds, gold, silver, pearls and in wild animal shapes as well as in exotic stones that can be pinned onto your collars to create a whole new blazer look.

Besides being super fun and fabulous brooches are also an easy and sustainable way not only to update but also to personalize your blazers according to your interest, mood or style. For example, if you love animals you could dedicate your collars to wild animal brooches. Or perhaps you are more into flowers or maybe you prefer abstract shapes and designer logos. Basically, the posibilities of fun personalization are endless with brooches and their whereabouts even more colorful since brooches are to be found in second hand, vintage, designer and highstreets stores alike. I, of course, recommend looking into vintage and secondhand but also a designer brooch would certainly be a good investment.


So you see, sometimes there's no need to get a new blazer when with just a few vintage brooches everything looks positively lifely again.



Stack up your brooches and wear more than one at the same time for maximal effect.

You can also use brooches for example on hats, knitwear and denim or in anything that needs sprucing up.

If brooches are too glam for you try stacking up safety pins onto your collars for cool, rock look.



Would you go for a brooch to update your favorite blazer or are you more of a safety pin person?

Do you have sustainable fashion goals for 2021?


Thank you so much for reading!




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