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I Ordered a Custom Sized Linen Suit Online And This Is the Result...

Dearest reader,

Have you ever found perfect fitting trousers? Me neither, until recently. Namely, after years of never finding the right fitting clothes in stores or online, I started making some of my own clothes. But since time is often limited and I am not a professional seamstress, I decided to see whether custom sized clothing, that would be made into my measurements, would offer a solution to my clothing problems.

Similarly, going into an old-fashioned tailor or a dressmaker, nowadays, the process of ordering custom sized can be done digitally by sending your measurements to the brand who then makes their designs into your exact size. It sounds like a dream but does it actually work? That is why, I investigated the phenomenon by ordering a custom sized suit online and here is how it turned out.

A girl standing in a forest wearing a green linen suit.



While custom size is no means a new thing, it seems to be, however, a forgotten feature and an over looked quality in clothing nowadays due to mass production and fast trend rotation. Of course, there are items where standard sizing works (like basic t-shirts) but for the most part you and I know the general struggle of finding right fitting clothes, especially, if any of your body parts differ from standard expectations of lenght and width, which is the case with so many of us, me included.

Therefore, I could not help but wonder: what is the good in producing anything if it doesn't fit anyone? In fact, all this time, in our conversations concerning more sustainable fashion, have we been ignoring perphaps the most important feature of what will always determine wheter a garment is actually wearable or not: the fit.

Besides, in addition to fit, there are other positive sides to custom sized clothes. Because each garment is made into a unique size clothing is usually made to order, returned seldom, worn longer, purchased with consideration and each item forms a deeper relationships between the customer and the brand.

So the question remains, why aren't all brands doing custom sizes already?!?!

A girl standing in a forest wearing a green linen suit.


My needs:
  • A classic, good quality linen suit for summer that I can wear for years to come.

  • Trousers that are comfortable but smart.

  • I am petite, so sleeves, hems and legs need to be the right lenght.

  • I am fed up not fitting into standart sizes and wasting money on compromised fits, which is why, I am seeking a solution through custom sized service.

With all of the above in mind, I made a linen suit order from OffOn Clothing, a slow fashion brand based in Lithuania that specialise in linen garments made by hand using traditional production methods. I ended up ordering my linen suit from their Etsy store where you could not only choose the color of your suit but also sent a message to the brand explaining your fit preferences etc. I included my basic measurements (bust, waist, hips) in the message and the next day OffOn staff contacted me suggesting a custom size since my measurements didn't match their standart sizing. After deciding to go for the custom size they sent me a measurement guide for additional measurements (about 14 measurements) which I measured myself and sent back to them.

Naturally, I was very greatful for the opportunity to get a custom size and started waiting my order eagerly with high hopes of finally getting something special for my summer wardrobe that would truly fit my body.

A girl standing in a forest wearing a green linen suit.


Items: fitted silhouette linen blazer & pleated linen palazzo trousers | Price: 183€ | Colour: sage green | Fabric: 100% linen | Made in Lithuania

After two to three weeks my custom sized suit arrived from Lithuania and I was immediately impressed by the high quality of sewing and fabric. At first, the suit seemed a little big and the trousers were quite long on me. However, after washing the suit in cool water the trousers shruked to a perfect lenght. So keep in mind that OffOn propapbly calculate room for shrinking when patterning their items.

All in all, I am pleased with the result and really like my new linen suit. It's so elegant and summery and I'm sure I will wear it many years to come. In this case, a custom size really did work and I feel like I got something unique that looks good on me. Needless to say, now I am dreaming about this linen suit in other colours such as in striped blue or pink!

Visit OffOn here.

A girl standing in a forest wearing a green linen suit.


Do you struggle to find well fitting clothes?

Would you try a custom size?


Yours truly,


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