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Becoming Your Own Mrs. Maisel

Dearest reader,

Couple of weeks ago I finished watching "The Marvalous Mrs. Maisel", a series on Prime Video where a Jewish housewife (Mrs. Miriam "Midge" Maisel) decides to pursue a career in stand-up comedy in 1950 and 60s New York after her husband leaves for his secretary. As it happens, the comedy business is extremenly dominated by middle age men who repeat the same sexists jokes night after night. So when someone like Mrs. Maisel – a well dressed, groomed, beautiful young woman with two children and an unfaitfull husband – dares to put a foot on stage and (God forbit) speaks her mind about life from her perspective Midge faces the many difficulties of being a woman in entertainment.

Politics aside, of course, Midge's never ending designer wardrobe and signature red lipstick you stare episode on end also makes you wonder of the superficial: "could I pull of that marvelous hat" or "maybe I should wear red lipstick more often, in fact, why don't I". And the next thing you know you are planning your Mrs. Maisel inspired ensembles and trying out her efforlessly elegant yet polished makeup look (including the classic red lip). You might even say out loud "Indeed, what a charmingly silly world it would be if all of us showed up in pill box hats!" Or, at least, that is what happened to me anyway.

In the midst of blisfully styling your Mrs. Maisels looks, naturally, thoughts will circle back to the question of career. Now, I don't suggest you should change what you, hopefully, love doing already but for the sake of the mental game it can never hurt to have a backup plan. For example, should I fail to succeed in blogging or shoe design I might do "the Mrs. Maisels" and decide to become a contemporary ballet dancer known for performing only in midnight blue tulle or a radical post-modernist poet or an archaeologist specialicing in ancient Egypt who digs up centuries old artifacts and reads mysterious hieroglyphs.

Possibilites of becoming something exciting seem endless and, perhaps, they are much more possible than we dare to imagine. May Mrs. Maisel inspire us in our endeavors! However, it is equally important to remember that you propably are already exciting just as you are.


What would you become should you ever find youself in a possitions to change like Mrs. Maisel?


Yours truly,



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