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Life In Sleepwear – The Wardrobe Of Pyjamas

As the summer hollidays are looming in the horisont we can't help but start dreaming about many summery things: Summery trips, summery getaways, summery foods, summery dresses, summery parties, summery friends, summery voices, summery evenings, summery heat... But in the midst of all these summery activities many of us also just hope to get a rest and forget about all the bad and sad and for once get a good night sleep.

Althought, I am sure during the infamous quarantine number of you have updated your lounge wear and in fact are feeling quite bored for the never ending rest of having nothing to do and, therefore, the arrival of an exciting active summer seems like a dream. However, we still can't run into the streets and go wild. On the contrary, festival are canceled, many limitations are still in effect and we still have to practise a perticular causion towards big masses.

Because of this the art of resting, slow paced life and enjoyment of the simple are going to be big this spring and summer. But yet, aren't those simple little things the best things?


" The Wardrobe Of Pyjamas"


As I am writing this the first spring rain falls down on a gloomy Sunday morning creating little rivers on the stone roads and slapping the ground like a drum, while many birds sing their high happy tunes on the trees of our garden and nearby forest which seems to grow into the high skies never getting enough of the hights and always wanting to reach a little further. And then the shivering flowing wind that plays with anything that is filling to move to its will is waving the vegetation with a swishing sounds while under its play all the flowers, trees, hays and the moss whispers their own stories voiceless but surely into the crisp air. Listening to this is like listening music where every element, creature and spirit of the world gets together to orchestrate how it sounds when spring arrives.

Sundays like these are rare and few, and only to be experienced in the begining of spring time when the promise of life is again renewed. Therefore, in my mind, these slow, rainy days should be deticated to the art of resting, of being in the world and part of the world. And now that life, time and the whole world feels like it is at a pause what better time to simply exist to see that the world, time or life actually never stoped but changed their ways of being, or maybe, went back to the old channels of the river where water flows more naturally to the lakes and seas.

So, to keep up with the demand of slower living and the change in the times we live our looks can't fall behind as fashion is always a reflection of the times. This means we need to think about sleepwear that is often rejected, perhaps, because it feels less important as nobody sees us when we sleep. But I highly disagree. Firstly, we spend half of our lifes in sleepwear and for that it ought to be as fabulous as daywear. Secondly, surely breakfasts, late nigh movies or reading a book while the dark creeps in becomes even more fabulous in beautiful pyjamas. And thirdly, sleepwear has the same comforting and clean effect as fresh bed sheets and, therefore, there's no reason why not to think about investing in sleepwear.

"Life is something you have to take care of - don't you realize that?"

– Ronja, The Robber's Daughter (Astrid Lindgren)

Let's start from the very begining when I was sleeping in horrendious t-shirts, old shorts and simply in all kinds of ruggs that I then desperately tried to cover with prettier robes... Soon this embarising activity of trying to cover my ugly sleepwear got so big that I started feeling really sad and desperate that I had to wear such disgusting clothing for bed. As a result, I started dreaming about classic silk pyjamas, white smooth cotton and natural linen in cornflower blue (which I feel like is now my new favorite shade of blue). This stage of wishing and dreaming lasted a long time because I too felt like putting a lot of money into sleepwear wasn't sensiable. But why I thought this is a mystery since I am not a sensiable person at all and these dreams of better sleepwear started hunting me morning and night.

So, as it happens, about two weeks ago I started thinking: I always talk about style and living in style and firmly believe the magic of small things, so why in the world haven't I payed attention to my sleepwear? And since my current pyjamas make me so sad it seems ridiculous not to cheer up the nights with something simple but beautiful! After all, sleepwear is a bit like drinking tea. Namenly, you never want to have tea from a sad mug but enjoy it from handpainted porcelain, yet so many times I see people having tea out of those weird cat mugs. After thinking and looking the matter from all directions I decided I don't want to be one of those people who drinks from a weird cat mug. And so, I started the search of the perfect pyjamas.

As told you, I had several visions of what my perfect pyjamas would look like. First, I made it my mission to find a pare of classic black pyjamas with white piping which weren't hard to find but usually would cost way more than what I had in my bank account. However, after a while I found a reasonably priced alternative from Donna Karan also know as DKNY. It wasn't silk like I would have hoped for but it was close enough and the best options I had found of this classic black pyjamas. And as you can imagine, I ended up getting the Donna Karan pyjamas and well, don't they just look posh! I almoust feel like Coco Chanel when wearing them.

For my second pare I wanted something lighter and more suitable for summer, therefore, I started looking for shorts set. Once again Donna Karan had some great option which I almoust got but together with those "Chanel" pyjamas would have been too expensive for me. So I contiuned my search and found this light blue set with white stripes from Anna Field which seemed very potential as it was only 30€ and was made out of quite nice materials, cotton and lyocell, which are both natural fibers. And then, obviously, I did got the Anna Field it because it was too good not to and luckily I am quite pleased with it. In fact, it's so pretty that nowdays I hardly want to wear anything else.


How do you feel about sleepwear?

Have you been neglecting pyjamas like I have?

Do you think sleepwear is a waste of time?


Thank you so much for reading!




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