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Makeuping Woman – My Relationship With Makeup

As we roll into the last days of January I find myself craving for simple fun. And when I say fun I mean putting on a whole lot of makeup, curling my hair in a ridiculous fashion and wearing lots of unsensible jewelry that otherwise would attract too much attention. I guess my alterego, a former Lady trapped in a body of a fashion student, needs to get out once in a while. Therefore, in this post, I am introducing you to a new winter series "Makeuping Woman" (which might continue longer than that) where I share weekly makeup looks as well as thoughts on beauty, how it makeup makes us feel and why we do it. All observations and ponderings, of course, are totally unscientific and unacademic...

In this first entry, I will discourse my own relationship with makeup as honestly as possible. These thoughts you are about to witness were provoked by Vogue's Beauty Secrets -series on Youtube were famous women share their beauty and makeup rutines as well as their own makeup journeys. It is safe to say that I love watching them not only because I am curious but also because, in my opinion, it is so wonderful that after centuries of being told how to look and please women now can choose their looks themselves and share the knowledge with others.



So, I have done some soul searching which all began with a reflection on my relationship with makeup. Namely, I have always been attracted to makeup, its transformative powers and simple luxury afforded by anybody as well as freedom of selfexpression. For myself makeup is first and foremost so much fun: An opportunity to be the canvas of your own imagination and to live the dream in bodily reality which I have fully embraced with wild makeup experimentations.

Besides creativity makeup has hugely impacted how I feel about myself. Having the power to choose how you look is miraculous but also addicting. And honestly, most of the time I don't like how I look without makeup so having the tools to make myself feel pretty is really important for my self esteem, confidence and identity. Admittedly, it is greatly alarming and sad that I cannot feel satisfied with my look without the help of makeup but also so relieving to lean on it when ever I need.

I still remember some of the first times of wearing a full face of makeup and the effect it had on me was truly like magic. I felt quite beautiful for the first time and from that moment on I clearly decided to feel beautiful as often as possible. How little did I know of the truly beautiful and matterful things of life! Oh well, I have I always had a tendency for vanity, a selfish weakness, but when used right I believe can add to a healthy quality of life.


To conclude, makeup for me is both an armor and expression. Life would be a greyer place without it and, believe it or not, it has also made me appreciate the makeup free times because washing my face is so much quicker on those evenings.

In this look I simply wanted to cheer myself up a little with pink eyeshadow and lipstick because pink is possibly the happiest color on earth.


How has your makeup and beauty journey been so far?

Is makeup more of an armor or a form of expression to you? Or is it both?


Thank you so much for reading!




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