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Makeuping Woman – Psychology Of Everyday Makeup

Why somebody feels good in a red lip while the other woman opts for a dramatic eyeliner and third prefers a touch of blush? What makes us choose the everyday makeup we wear? And how fascinating it is to see the variety of everyday looks, all different, yet serving for the same purpose: the daily hustle.


Surely, it is not hard to guess the reasonsings of why we wear makeup: It makes us feel better and more powerful, gives confidence, prepares for the day ahead and wakes up the complexion. But what is unique about everyday makeup is the array of personalised looks that achieves all of the above and more.

Formula Of My Everyday makeup:

Soft 1950s Glamour

Nowadays my everyday makeup tends to be much simpler than it used to be. However, some things have remained the same: I still want to look glamorous and polished every single day. That's why, I would describe my everyday look as soft 1950s glamour which targets specific needs.

1. Even Complexion

Believe it or not, but I actually don't have the most beautiful skin. Thanks to numerous spots, scaring and prominent dark circles (which I have always had, by the way) I really need foundation and concealer in order to feel bright and awake. Although, I definetly do not layer them on the same way as I used to.

2. Lots And Lots Of Blush

In my opinion, blush is just so delightful which is why I happily wear it intensly, boldly and often.

3. Nose Contour

I have always though my nose is really big and weird shape which is why I slightly contour it to make it appear at least straighter.

4. Classic Defined Brow

I am not a fan of the soap brow on me, therefore, I prefer a more classic and defined brow which is still bold but neater than soap brows.

5. A Touch Of Bronzer

The softness of my everyday eye look comes from bronzer which I use as barely there eyeshadow.

6. Mascara, Mascara And Mascara!

The bolder the better, period. I do not care if ten layers of mascara doesn't look natural because all I want is unreal, long lashes!

7. Lipstick, Always

I am a defoted lover and user of lipstick and usually opt for more paler nude, brown or rosier shades rather than true reds. What's more, I like my lipstick application to be quite obvious perhaps because I don't have naturally plump lips and sheer colors tend to emphasize the thiness of them which is why I use lip liners a lot as well. In these pictures I am wearing Lumene Nordic Chic Soft Touch Lip Liler in 4 and Guerlain lipstick Kiss Kiss Matte in M308 Blazing Nude

8. The Marylin Beauty Spot

Nothing is more fun than darkening my natural beauty spots at the end of the makeup application. The mole on my right cheek is what I call my Marilyn beauty spot and sometimes I also darken the one on top of my lip.

Now you know the thought processes behind my everyday makeup and I would like to know yours too. I hope you found this even a tiny bit interesting.


What is the psychology behind of your everyday makeup look?

Why do you do and wear your makeup in a certain way?


Thank you so much for reading!




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