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Makeuping Woman – Women Facing The World

Last week as I was getting ready to present my new shoe colletion, Prima Ballerina, to my teachers and classmates. And as I was preparing for the big day I went through several little practises and rutines that would make me feel more comfortable and prepared for the moment of presentation. Obviously, I practised speaking and presenting my portfolio, I packed my bags and tried not to forget anything important. However, in the midst of getting prepared there is always a question of how to bring that sense of professionalism to your apperance as well.


Now, hear me out! Presenting a collection as a design student is more or less a defining moment in anybody's emerging career so far. The first proper collection is essentially a statement of who you are and where you stand as a creative person as well as serves as a testiment to what you have learned. Therefore, in my opinion, it is perfectly natural to want to embody your message. That being said, you are, of course, more than your look but your look is still a part of you.

Especially, women know the power of looks and not everything about that is a negative. I believe that we can, nowadays more than ever, be our own visonaries and truly dictate who we want to be. So, why not to take what we have been celebrated and hated for and turn its enourmos influence into a success and confidence driven action.

For example, I am someone who expresses herself through clothing and makeup, so is it any wonder that I want to match with my collection or dress to impress as they say. At the same time, I am also building and visoning the future me. Call it manifesting or what ever you like, but that is honestly how I get to feel motivated to excel in my work and communicate my professional status to others. If you feel similarly don't shy away from it because people usually do appreciate those, dare I say it, fabulous outfits.

Needless to say, that alongside with making sure I have the skills to present my designs I also ensure my nails are painted to match the color of my shoe collection, I have enough time to get ready, my blouse is ironed, my eyeshadow blended, my lipstick carefully applied and that I still have some of my favorite fragrance left in the bottle. All of these things are totally superficial, of course, but none of us can still deny their power, their absolute necessity, when stepping in front of the audiance to present your ideas, thoughts and work.

Read more about my third year shoe collection here.

Hat and dress made by me – Yarn 100% cotton by Sandnes Garn | Earrings and necklace – Audrey Leighton Vintage | Brooch – Secondhand | Lipstick – Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in a shade 67 Peaceful


How important "the getting ready process" is for you before a major happening in your life?


Thank you so much for reading!




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