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My Classic Spring/Summer Style Check List

Dearest reader,

Spring is here in a matter of days and even though temperatures in the nothern hemisphere are still blisfully chilly, it is usally around March/April, when I start thinking about my Spring and Summer style. That is when I swing the wardrobe doors open and take a good look at what I already have, what might be lacking and what I don't use no longer. And since I have previously found it difficult to dress during warmer months sharing my thought process on cracking the code on Spring/Summer dressing might be helpful to any of you who feel the same way. I know especially summer seems far away but getting things ordered, made and mended sooner rather than later is key in being ready for use exactly the right time. So let's jump in!


Tailored Linen

I love wearing tailored suits during autumn/winter so it only makes sense to take my favourite style into spring/summer as well. That is why, last spring, I invested in a simple, light green linen suit from OffOn Clothing which has been amazing. However, I noticed a space for white linen trousers in my wardrobe for wearing with tops that don't neccessarily go with the green. So that is a sensiable purchase I will be making this Spring.

Pretty Blouses

With my linen suit and trousers the easiest route to pretty is through a beautiful yet smart blouse in breathable fabrics with interesting details like bows, lace, buttons or dramatic sleeves. Since I have a soft spot for these elegant blouses I am always on the look out for new additions to add to my blouse collection. They're just so easy to wear and I might have found an exceptional piece for this year!

Floral Lace Tights

One of my favourite girly items to wear with dresses or shorts are flowarl lace thights. They add just enough femininity and romance to both modern and vintage inspired outfits. What's more, lace tights look so cute with pearls and ballet flats, and offer a layer of cover if I'm feeling too exposed in a short dress after being wrapped up head to toe for many months.

A girl in a huge hat
Paring linen pants with a pretty blouse, silk scarf, a hat and a fun bag

Silk Scarves

I am a lover of scarves in all seasons but there is something so effortlessly romantical about a silk scarf in spring/summer that fulfill all my fashion fantasies. Think flowing silk wrapped around your amrs, around your neck, across your shoulders or flying behind as you walk by. It is the perfect item to enhance my complextion, update my usual linen suit look or pare with that pretty blouse I so often wear. Honestly, I could talk for hours about scarves but I am not going to, so you just have to trust me on this.

Sun Hats

If you're not wearing a hat in spring/summer what are you doing!? For hats give such an elegant air to any outfit and make sure your pretty face won't burn in the new sunshine. Needless to say, my old vintage straw hat is an integral part of my spring/summer uniform be it with a linen suit or a dress.

Light Knitwear

Knitwear has a prominent place in my style all year round and even wool can be worn during Spring but, it is most likely, I will be changing into lighter knits at some point in springtime. In my opinion knits add lovely texture, softness and warmth to your outfit and are often more casual compared to linen blazers. Therefore, they are perfect companions to linen pants on chillier mornings and easy, breezy spring weekends.

Fun Bags

Style should always be about having fun, espesically, in spring/summertime when the world is extra colourful. That is when investing in a fun bag enters the scene. Personally, I could be wearing trainers as long as my bag is fabulous, and since we are going places dressed in all of those gorgeous dresses, linen suits and blouses adorned in hats, lace thights and silk scarves it would be a shame to fall flat on the bag category. So naturally, I recommed checking out my rose handbags I sell via Etsy for a healty dose of accessory romance this spring!

As you can see, each point in my style check list

goes with one another creating a base

for all of my outfits which is

helpful also on those days when

I don't know what to wear!


What is in your spring/summer style check list?


Yours truly,


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