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Night out of the year – How to party like there's no tomorrow

The Preparty

Dressing for a party should be fun. You know, cocktails, music, dancing around, choosing what colored eyeshadow to wear... It is really like a party before the actual party, but in some sense, more intimate and special. Everyone is in a good mood, excited and chating about this and that, but what really makes the preparty fantastic, is the fact that it is pure friend time. Time, when you can spill all of the tea, share beauty tips with each other, cacth up with life and just chill (and have an excuse to drink cosmopolitans). Without forgeting that the party hasn't even started yet, so anything can happen and everything is possible. Basicly, life is wonderful when the night is still young. But as we all know, the preparty is just a beginnig...

"A little party never killed nobody, so we gon' dance until we drop

A little party never killed nobody, right here, right now's all we got"

– Fergie

This is what you need to have for a succesful preparty:

1. Your best friends

2. Shampange

3. Makeup

4. Music

5. Dressing gowns for everybody

6. Multiple outfit options

7. Phone or camera to take pictures

8. Attitude to stay up all night (even if it doesn't happen)

Late Night Dinner

Surely, there is nothing worst than an empty stomac because hunger makes us sad, grumpy and soon you'll realize the atmosphere has gotten a little too tired. So, don't kill the party before it has properly started and get some food into your bellies!

The best way to have dinner is in good company and with good wine. Choose a restaurant that serves options for everybody to make sure nobodys night isn't going to get ruined because they feel the hunger striking on a dancefloor. And remember to make a reservation in case you don't trust you're going to get seated, because it is a definite party killer to look for a restaurant in the cold for an hour and still have no where to eat. And lastly, enjoy your food, wine, bread and company. Trust me, you need that energy and laughs for the next destination.

The bar or Club

After having dinner it's time to really head into the night. Let's dance! So grab your shoes and head to the coolest places in the city.

By the time you reach the club or bar you should be feeling cheerfull and ready to channel your best Josephine Baker. And I say go ahead! Forget your worries for a moment and party like there is no tomorrow, because if you're not going to let yourself go a little bit, you end up sad in the shadows. It doesn't matter if you're not a professional dancer, just dance, be you and be happy about it. Or don't dance but remember to have fun anyways.

Late night snack

It is three in the morning and you're all looking a bit rough, but you had the best night in history, so little runny mascara is no big deal at this point. But what is a big deal, is having hunger ligering in your stomac ones again. And that's why, you need to be repared with some snacks. Maybe you could make sandwiches before heading out, so that coming home you can just have a bite and head to bed. Or you could stop and get pizza on your way home. Either way, make sure you get something in because it is a lot of work parting all night long.

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you'll next night out will be a night to remember.




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