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Something Doll Sized...

Alright, so let's start February with a tongue in cheek. Namely, I wanted to knit myself a cropped cardigan. You know the ones you see on instagram and pinterest that look so effortless and pretty with mini shoulder bags and casual jeans. And all the girls wearing them are just so natural and walk around like nothing is bothering them. Of course, I imagined that I could do that as well and that my cardigan would be the talk of the internet at least!

So I knitted and knitted and knitted... And once I finished I realized that instead my cool cardigan dreams I had made myself a too small, doll sized cardigan that would nerver fit in the cool category of the instagram girls... I should have seen this coming!

Once again I learned that it is no good trying be something else that you're not because firstly the outcome is never satisfying and secondly you end up with odd doll sized items and back pain from dramatic knitting. So take it from me. Stay doing you no matter what you do!


However, now that I have this doll sized cardigan I have to make some use of it and what better way to use it than make a blog post about this fail of a knit. And no, I will never wear it like the instagram girls purely because my stomach will be freezing even in high summer but I will wear it my way with denim and blazers and my favorite fake Chanel bag.


Styling Tip 1

White shirts under cropped items also look cool and they keep you belly button warmer.



Styling Tip 2

Nothing beats double denim!


(Here I am practising fist pumps which is another thing that will never look cool when I do it… but I can't help myself! It is so hilarious!)


Would you wear a cropped cardigan?

How would you wear it?

Do you have any clothing fails?


Thank you so much for reading!




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