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Spring's Favorite Coat – How To Style A Vintage Trench

Trench coat is a classic wardrobe stable and always in fashion. Its soft brown color and statement buttons are perfect for any weather or season and makes its wearer put together and stylish without even trying. Not to mention the fact that trench suits any body shape, age or gender and for that is one of the most universal and celebrated clothing item in the world.

Although trench coat is one of those pieces that can blend into anybodies style, sometimes you find that it can look a little dated, lackluster and just not exciting. But for trench coat's classic roots we owe to at least try to make this forever fashion item work. So it's time to start dressing up your old, vintage trench because its best day are still yet to come!


Vogue to the core

When it comes to styling vintage you have to remember that it will always look vintage and it will always have that bit of old world in it. But that's kind of what we want. We want the attitude of the vintage jacket mixed with what is currently fresh and new. This allows you to wear pieces that are essentially more vintage or more on trend together, formig a much more interesting outfit with layers and character.

This first look is a chic take on a classic trench where I pared white accessories with a white shirt and then added leopard print additions to bring more excitement and personality. Lastly, I put on a pearl neckless and round sunglasses for classic elegants.

This look is a mix of timeless colors and what is in at the moment. Today's it color white and super popular leopard print are an effortless match with the brown trench and white shirt, while light brown, round sunglasses completes the look with an perfectly subtle touch.


Saturday shopping

Second look is all about simplicity and letting what's statement be the focus of the outfit, in this case it is the trench coat. Pare your trench with a light, plain top and a white bag with gold hardware. Then add a pare of mix and match earings for a cool, carefree yet artistic look and tie the outfit together with a vintage scarf.

Using a scarf as a belt gives a new and intresting twist to the outfit, while the yellow tones of the scarf with the bag's gold hardware and golden jewellry compliments each other perfectly. Even though, this look is quite chilled, different textures of the basket bag, trench coat and the silky scarf makes the outfit interesting while still remaining sophisticated.


Mid week blues

My favorite trick when it comes to styling and coming up with new outfit combinations is to take one color and work with it. First think of all of the items you have in this color. Then start playing with different textures, tones and shapes. Soon, you see what items look good together and what other colors would go with them or be in contrast wiht them. This way you might find use for the items you never really wear otherwise, don't know how to wear, as well as, find new ways to wear them. It is kind of like turning your closet upside down, section by section and sort of ripping it apart and then sewing it back together in a different way.

In this outfit I thought blue looks good with brown, so I started going through my wardrobe searching for blue items. As a result, I found a ligh blue, knitted jumper, metallic bag with gold hardware, navy sunglasses with gold handels, dark blue belt with a gold buckle and a light blue, pearly earrings. Then I just put them all on and an outfit with different, interesting textures was born.

Something like this is super easy to wear on a normal week day because it is stylish, still quite casual, comfortable and put together. But most importantly, you look like you mean business while also being able to relax and have a glass of wine after your final meeting. Shortly, this is what I call everyday elegants: not too much but enough.


Classy in black

For this outfit I used the same trick as in the previous one but this time I thought of black. I didn't only think black items though but also wanted this look to be that classic, kind of safe but yet thrilling option that looks fabulous every time no matter how ordinary black can sometimes seem. And trust me, black is anything but ordinary.

So, in this outfit I pared together a black jumper, a velvet bag, a western style belt, a big sunglasses and a beret to keep Paris close to my heart and head. Lastly, I added gold earrings to match with all of the golden hardware on the belt and on the bag so that everything flows together effortlessly.


Casual coffee break

Sometimes you have to think outside the box, outside what you consider most beautifull in oder to find fresh and new views to your outfits. For example, here I thought: well I wouldn't think olive green is something I would pare this trench coat with the very second I see it, but let's try it anyways. And I think is actually a quite nice combination. It's a little different, maybe even unusual but still very wearable.

So, I pared my olive green cable knit jumper and a suede bag with a brown belt. Then I added gold accessories such as long, gold earrings and sunglasses to match with the belt's gold buckle and to compliment the warm colors of the olive green.

This outfit so, so, so casual and most of all everyday appropriate which makes it perfect for a chill coffee break, a walk in the park or for a friday grocery shopping. However, despite the casual feel of the outfit it is still very much put together and posh, in a more laid-back way than the other looks here.


Thank you so much for reading!




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