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Style Spotlight: A Crochet Rose Choker – Tutorial, Gifting & Styling

Dearest reader,

A couple of weeks ago I shared on my Instagram a wonderful way to use all those left over yarns that fill up your cupboards after each completed knit project. Namely, there is nothing more delightful than turning annoying half used yarn balls into beautiful crochet rose chokers. We can propapbly agree that these adorable, quick and easy roses are perfect springtime accessories and a wonderful gift for someone you admire and want to wish well.

That is why, today, I will share my crochet rose tutorial here, give you a tip on how to make gifting them even more special and show you how I styled my pink rose choker.


The Crochet Rose Tutorial

You can make your rose bigger or smaller by changing the amount of loops you crochet in the beginning: 65, 75, 82, 95, 105, 115 and so on. The biggest I have done so far was with 165 loops. Furthermore, you can also considerably change the look of your rose by combining different yarns together or adding a decorative trim. So get creative!

Tips on Gifting a Crochet Rose

Gifting flowers is always a good idea because everyone loves receiving flowers and they are biodegradable! However, gifting a flower that lasts can be an even better idea, especially, when you have made it yourself using left over yarns. Handmade gifts are always much appreciated anyways. But how to make gifting crochet roses even more special and thoughful? By considering the colour, of course! We all know that red roses symbolize love, desire and romance, and if you do a little research you will find out that yellow roses stand for friendship and joy while white roses mean purity and loyalty. Therefore, depending on who you are gifting you can add meaningfulness by choosing the colour according to what you want to wish for someone.

How I Styled My Rose Choker

Of course, the ways in which you can style you rose choker are numerous but another day I decided to pare it with a little black dress because I thought it would brighten up the dark colour and compliment the pink hem on the sleeves. Personally, I feel like the rose works well and makes the black dress a little bit more spring appropriate. What do you think?

Outfit Notes:

Crochet rose is made by me | Dress is 1960s vintage | Bag is made by me | Earrings are Leyla Luisa | Book is a selection of epistolary novels by Jane Austen | Nail varnish is Essie's Fifth Avenue | Lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Original


Who would you gift a crochet rose to?

How would you wear a rose choker?


Yours truly,


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