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Styling Knitted Boots – Is This The New Wool Socks Look?

Some of you might remember that I recently made knitted boots at school which you can read more about here or on the blog's design page.

Basically, I was so happy and pround of my wool boots that I could not wait to style them with all of my favorite things and share some of the looks with you as well. Needles to say, you might have also been wondering what to wear with knitted boots since they are not your standard rainy day boots nor at home slippers. In fact, these knit boots are quite impractical in the streets but could pontetially replace the sloppy and saggy comfy socks -look of the pandemic era which dangerously has been dominating our daily style.

Therefore, let's see what I have come up with...



Blue denim is one of my go-to looks which isn't that unique nor suprising since everybody loves blue denim and jeans have been a part of our everyday wardrobes for several decades. However, somehow denim manages still stay exciting, especially when doubling it up. That's also why the items I instantly knew these boots would look amazing with were my blue denim essentials.

A casual Levi's jacket and jeans together with a pale blue jumper, a white knit hat and a cream top handle bag as well as pearls denim has once again proved to be the most versatile of materials. It's safe, classic and forever customizable option that is effortless to personalize.


I don't think there is two items that match with each other more perfectly than this knit skirt and my knitted boots. They both compliment one another's creamy white color, soft texture and warm yet sophisticatedly relaxed look. All is then complited with a touch of blue accessories, a sky blue beret and an evelope bag with silver hardwear.

I also cannot help but think how perfectly elegant but comfortable this combination is for a zoom meating or just working away at home. In other words, beautiful knits truly stand out in a time like this when style and comfort needs to work hand in hand.


Tailored suit pants are not just the business pants anymore. Nowdays they're also the everyday smart wear that can take your look from chic workwear to relaxed cool freetime attire with just a few accessorie changes.

Personally, I love suit pants with turtle neck jumpers and a classic gold bucklet belt therefore all I needed to add were my knitted boots, my favorite tweed jacket and a quilted vintage bag to match the belt. I am also kind of obsessed how the pants look so carefree and almoust sporty but still stylish inside the boots. Perhaps this pants-tucked-inside-long-boots -look could even become my new home office style. What do you think?


What was your favorite look?

How would you wear knitted boots?

Could knitted boots replace your wool socks?


Thank you so much for reading!




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