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Summer Essentials – Fashion And Beauty

Summer is soon here which brings us to worry about the next step in your seasonal wardrobe: summer style. Summer style is the most difficult season for me to master because it is either too hot, too cold, you might burn in the sun or break a sweat in the most inappropriate of times and so on. But this year you and I will go deep into what are the stables of a good summer style and create the most epic summer wardrobe we have ever had.


Fashion essentials

Straw hats

I will always speak in the favor of hats but, especially, in summer they're essential. Big straw hats make sure your face don't burn in the sun, they're always in fashion for summer and they're a cute little styling element to remember when you feel like your outfit is boring or basic. What's more, there's so many different styles and colors of straw hats that everyone is going to find something to their liking. So, get your straw hat out and start playing with your fabulous summer outfits.

Light and breathable fabrics

Summer can be very, very hot so the last thing to do during the heat wave is to dress in horribly sweaty fabrics. That's why, I suggest you invest in light, breathable and fairly natural fabric such as linen, cotton, silk and bamboo. These fabrics don't break a sweat as easily and are more pleasent to wear during warm weather. Not to meantsion that they also look super summery, especially, linen reminds me of a summer nearby the sea and silk is fabulous for evening dresses. However, If you can't get your hands on these type of fabrics and textures then focus on the lightness and airyness of the garments.

Another important thing to remember is that summer can also be as chilly as it can be hot. So, you might still want to invest in summer denim, light knitwear and lighter coats to keep you warm when the rainy day happens.


Summer without a silk scarf is like a tree wihtout flowers. This is because a scarf can make any outfit that extra bit more amazing, as well as, protect from the beaming summer sun. Tie your scarf around your neck, head or a hat, or use it as a belt to get that sophisticated and perhaps a little bit more unconventional look that surely makes any outfit a touch more interesting. Even using a scarf as a ribbon in your hair is quite cute and, for the summer 2019, very on trend. So scarf up your life right now!

White shirt

There's no summer wihtout that easy little white shirt, which goes with everything, is not too hot and still covers all of the areas you might want to cover. Not to mention, it goes well with daytime or night-time looks and even on the beach as a cover up. Simply, there is no limit to what, where or when you can wear a white shirt. It's a bit like dressing in freedom!


Sunglasses are an obvious part of summer style, not only because they protect from the rays of the sun but also because they look cool and fabulous. Classic black pare, colored lenses or different metals all give a different touch to your outfit compliting whatever look you are going for. So, if you feel like your look is missing something it might be for the lack of sunglasses. Lastly, don't shy away from those old retro pares your grandparents probably have somewhere laying around, because retro is actually way cooler than new and no one will have the same pare as you.

Statement jewelry

I recently learned that statement jewelry is key to traveling style but also a marvelous way of spicing up your summer outfits, because you can wear the simpliest little dress over and over again wihtout repeating the same look by just changing your jewels. So, one day you're wearing a lot of pearls and the next you take your biggest stone earrings out for some sun and boom! bang! bing! you got two different looks in a just one dress.


Summer is beach season which means you have to take your usual style to the whole other level. Bikinis or onepiece is often the biggest question when it comes to beach fashion and for some this turns out to be the trickiest part. However, for me the answear is always onepiece. So, if you are a little bored of bikinis try a swimsuit this summer. I bet you won't regret it.

To start with, I recommend getting a simple and quite easy to wear swimsuit, so that you can style it up effortlessly with what you already have in your wardrobe. This means, think about the colors you like to wear and what goes well with them, as well as, what your style is generally like. For example, don't get a crazy, patterned swimsuit if that's not in your comfort zone, simply, because you might not get the wear out of it you wish you would. However, summer is known to wake the color lover in us, so if you want to get something more fun, summer could not be more fitting time to do just that. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun.


Beauty Essentials

Crimson lipstick and ruby nails

To me, there's nothing more iconic than red lips and nails in the summer. They remind me of eating strawberries and seeing your red toes through the water as you're swiming in the nearby lake when the heat wave is at its hottest.

I usually use a lip liner first to get the shape I want and then fill it in with a lipstick. Lining your lips when using red is really important because reds tend to plead more easily. So, to achieve that clean application you can use a red liner, like I do, but nude works quite well under the red lipstick as well. Then, just match your lips with a red nail polish and you are summer ready under five minutes. Plus, to look extra summery paint your toes red as well so that the sandal season won't come as a suprise.

Bronzer and Blush

If red lipstick is the first step of summer makeup then bronzer and blush are up there on the second place. Namenly, tanned skin is super popular, especially, in summertime and makes us all feel like we have been on a relaxing holiday when reality is not as exciting. This same applies to blush as it gives the complection a little bit extra color making the skin appear heathier and more radiant. So, make sure you have a good bronzer and blusher for the up coming summer season to, at least, life up to the Riviera holiday fantasy, even if it doesn't happen.

Sun block

Do not skip sun block! I know that finding a sunscreen that doesn't break your skin out, is not sticky, is non drying and works under makeup can be very tricky but it is worth the search. As sun rays cause wrinkles, aging, burn and even cancer it is essential to wear at least SPF 30 not only in summer but all year around. I assure, you will thank yourself later for taking that extra step for your skin.


Thank you so much for reading!


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