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Summer lookbook. Fashion edition 2/2

Hi everybody!

Todays look is going to be this really simple, timeless but yet cool summertime glam. I wanted to too something very clean and beautiful. No jewelry, no crazy makeup, no bright colours, just something classic and wearable. This look is easy to recreate and it fits to every body shape.

A black spaghetti strap top, straight trousers, classic blazer and a nude heels, can this look get any simpler? These items will most likely already hang in your closet, so lets put them into use. Show your classy side and rock the runway of your own life!

If you don't have straight trousers or a blazer just wear a black jeans and a black leather jacket for example. Nude heels you can always replace to ballerinas or black or white heels.

For the sake of the simple theme I did a nude makeup look. All you need are some brown tone eyeshadows and a nude lipstick. Keep things natural and add some healthy glow on your cheeks. For hair you can do pretty much what ever makes you feel good but ones again keep it simple.

More about this makeup look you will find in my upcoming post along with some other looks I have done in the past weeks. So check it out when it comes. You can sign up for an email list which will inform you when ever a new post is up.

Products used:

spaghetti strap top and blazer from Na-Kd, straight trousers from ginatricot and heels are from tamaris.

Thank you so much for reading!



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