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The Pleasure of Dressing Like Your Favorite Story Characters – My "Anne With An E" Shirt

Dearest reader,

One of the greatest pleasures of dressing up is when your clothing reminds you of your favorite stories and characters in them. That is because you get to pretend a little bit, as if, you were that interesting character who did all those exciting things, lived in that beautiful place, ate all the delicuous food, made all those lovely friends, experienced adventures unimaginable and said such brilliant words. In my opinion, clothes like that make life funnier and, perhaps, those are the most important of clothes.

So when my mom gave me her old, shrunken shirt with pleats on the front and a slight empire waistline I immediately thought that "This reminds me of something Anne, from the Netflix series "Anne With an E", would wear". And as it happens, "Anne With an E" is one of my favorite series (I have watched it four times and now ordered the first book), which is why, I am over the moon about this generous wardrobe donation that makes me feel like Anne everytime I wear it.


In a true Anne fashion I styled my Anne shirt with a straw hat but since I do not posses red hair I had to do with a red lip instead. Ouh, now I realize, I should have also added wild flowers to the hat and replaced the bag with a Jane Eyre novel! How forgetful of me.

Therefore, in the absence of more Anne appropritate accessories, I gave the look my own touch by paring the shirt with a crochet skirt, 1970s vintage platform heels, my trusted vintage flap bag and gold hoop earrings.

Outfit Notes:

White shirt secondhand from my mother | Crochet skirt is made by me | Hat is old secondhand | Shoes are 1970s vintage from my grandmother | Earrings are from Bonanza Paris | Necklace is from Audrey Leighton Vintage | Lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 01


Do you have items in your wardrobe that remind you of your favorite stories?

Are you familiar with "Anne With an E" series and books?


Yours truly,



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