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The world of candyfloss clouds and pink bunnies

My first introductions to the world of Minna Parikka was a one summer holliday trip to Helsinki few years ago. I remember walking to the store thinking this is so beautiful, exiting, weird and wonderful, and I could not stop smiling. Also for the first time in my life I though wow a Finnish designer, a Finnish thing in general that actually is cool, fresh, fun, interesting and most importantly rule braking to me. And saying that means a lot because in the 18 years that I have lived in Finland never have I ever felt so home in this boring, dull country than in that store. It was everything I am about and everything I've always wished to be, a perfect combination of dreams, insanity and imagination. I mean of course I could not afford to buy anything but just standing there in a room filled with colourful, glittery, beautiful designed and produced leather shoes how could I not be happy. Even thought the shoes were so magical that happiness and connection that total understanding to this whole concept was the thing that made me say sold, married and sealed. And honestly I did not what to leave that place and face the reality after seeing what life could be at it's best.

After that experience obviously owing a pare Minna Parikka shoes became my new topic of daydreams along side with my very ambitious goals about working at Vogue and being a owner of a Chanel bag. And well few years later as an 18th birthday present I got them. And let me tell you these shoes and I were pretty much destined to find each others. They were on sale on the Minna Parikka wed side and they had only three sizes left and fortunately they still had one pare in my size and we ordered them so fast and literally I needn't to even look other shoes on the web side because these were just so perfect. No doubt the best and the most beautiful gift ever.

Delivery was fast, strait to my home door and the packing is just so fun. The shoes comes with a Minna Parikka box, a card from the team, some stickers and a bust bag for storage. All pink and pastel obviously. Even the wrappingpaper is just so cute.

I went for the iconic style which are the ones with a heart laces. My pare is pink velvet with rose gold laces and a pink glitter heel. And oh boy aren't they dreamy. The laces, the insole and the outsole are leather and the upper shoe is soft velvet. They have this kind of like an almond toe and a kitten heel but they are a bit higher than a traditional kitten heel. And the over all shape is something I have never seen before. It's just so unique and different and so utterly wonderful. And can I just note out the fact that even the inside of the shoes is pastel pink! Simply amazing.

Ever since I got my hands on these lovelies I've been wanting to wear them everyday to school, to shopping, to prom... even when I do my homework but obviously these aren't (at least usually) your everyday shoes but hey if you want to wear them while picking groceries then that's just awesome. Therefor remember that you can do, wear and look just the way you want to and nobody can tell you otherwise because you live this life for yourself and having a bit of with your look doesn't hurt anyone.

"You know

clouds can be candyfloss

and bunnies can be pink,

it's all up to you

what kind of a world do you want to live in."

Thank you so much for reading.


Get yoursef a pare of Minna Parikka shoes here!

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