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What Would I Wear to a Chanel SS2023 Fashion Show Today in Paris FW

Dearest reader,

Fashion weeks are in full swing and this year I am taking part in those fashion fantacies by creating looks I would wear to the shows of my favorite designers, if I was invited.

Today, 4th of October at half past ten, a long waited Chanel SS2023 fashion show is about to start in Paris and I am ever so excited to see what Virginie Viard, the creative director of the House, has been planning for. But first, what to wear? Well, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.




Impecable style from an iconic woman.

Chanel forms quite a house of icons: Gabrielle herself and the late visonary Karl Lagerfelt both shaped the house into a fashion empire we know today. But after decades of firm rule under Lagerfelt's genius, power has been shifted back to a woman creative. Virginie Viard, who has been directing Chanel since 2019, has given the House a cool, effortless elegance that is somehow soft but potent. The Chanel of now feels fresh and, personally, I love it.




For spring and summer 2023 Chanel gave cinematic glamour and explored a woman's freedom of movement and expression. The show consisted of many gorgeous looks but my personal favorites where those classic tweed suits in pastel colors and decorated with feathers.

See the collection here.

Outfit Notes:

Tweed jacket is second hand "Your Face" | Black dress is 1960s vintage from my grandmother | Pearls are old but bought new | Earrings are second hand | Bag is 1980s vintage from my grandmother | Lipstick case is second hand | Lipstick is Gurlain's "Kiss Kiss Matte" in M308 Blazing Nude | Chanel paper bag is an old one my mom safed when she visited Rue Cambon


Did you see the Chanel SS2023 fashion show?

If yes, what are your thoughts on it?

What would you wear to a Chanel show?


Yours truly,



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