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What Would I Wear to a Gucci SS2023 Fashion Show Today in Milan FW

Dearest reader,

Fashion weeks are in full swing and this year I am taking part in those fashion fantacies by creating looks I would wear to the shows of my favorite designers, if I was invited.

Today, 23rd of September, at half past two, a Gucci fashion show is taking place in the glamorous city of Milan under a creative direction of Alessandro Michele.



Forming a quality of romance from a range of different styles, ideas and tastes.

Basically, anything Harry Styles would wear, I want to wear! Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele Gucci has gone from a classic, Italian fashion house to a fantastical, maximalist Renaissance feast where we certainly want to be invited, but if not, it was about time I started crashing their parties and dragging you along with me.




The Gucci Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show "Twinsburg" was a study on identity and otherness and discoursed "how identity is comprehended through the precense of another", as discribed on Gucci's Instagram. Alessandro drew inspiration from twinship which reveals the co-belonging of people, of not being the center of the world. This is how he discribed it:

"In this sense, twinship imposes an experience of decentralization. Leaning towards the other. Recognizing oneself as flesh of the world. It's a topos that transcends biology, showing us the sense of co-beloging and sisterhood that should guide our trip through this planet. It's the possibility to feel part of that connective tissue that defines our common creatural destiny."

In my humble opinion, the show was geniously performed. The viewers were sitting on either side of the stage which was halfed by a wall so the viewers on each side could not see each other. First, each dramatic and glamorous-as-ever Gucci look walked alone through the stage fairly quick. After every look had walked once the wall on the stage was lifted revealing the viewers on the other side of it. Now, each Gucci look would walk again through the runway but this time with their twin outfit. But the best part was that the models were actually, truly twins, or at least, they looked extremenly similar! So the same duplicated outfit on the seemingly same model walked, hand in hand, through the runway again, leaving all of us in awe of the phenomenon. Same, but different, but still the same, but on different bodies, looking alike...

Outfit Notes:

Hat is from a small boutique in Kuopio that doesn't exist anymore | Gloves are vintage | Suit is retailored and second hand Andiata | Earrings are vintage | Blouse is made by me | Bag is second hand | Lipstick from YSL


What would you wear to a Gucci fashion show?

Did you see the show? If yes, how did you find it?


Yours truly,



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