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What Would I Wear to a Schiaparelli SS2023 Fashion Show Today in Paris FW

Dearest reader,

Fashion weeks are in full swing and this year I am taking part in those fashion fantacies by creating looks I would wear to the shows of my favorite designers, if I was invited.

On the 29th of September, at noon, in the city of Paris, a Schiaperelli SS2023 fashion show begins under creative direction of Daniel Roseberry. This is my most awaited show of Paris Fashion Week and I certainly want to amp up the drama and glamour of my own outfits with an extra dose of imagination.



Unconventional dress making aiming for the unexpected.

Schiaparelli, a daring Parisian couture house whose roots lay in surrealism and optical illusions, dazzled the fashion world during the first part of the 20th century with extraordinary clothing and numerous collaborations with leading artists of the day. Now, under the direction of Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli has claimed back its place as the leader of Haute Couture and we absolutely are on board on this fabulous ride.




The Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection is for the woman who lives her life in impeccable clothes. In this collection Daniel Roseberry was inspired by his trip to Italy's Il Pellicano where women dress for all occassions and adorn themselves in jewelry handed down through generations. From there a collection of sharp, powerful silhouettes and massive, golden, almost ancient jewelry pieces was born to make the everyday life of a woman efforlessly glamorous.

"It’s one that encourages its wearers to reimagine what every day means. These are pieces that will inspire everyone around, but at the end of the day, they are for the wearer themselves, and no one else. These are clothes that make you feel like you’re seeing ready-to-wear for the first time. They’re clothes that build the mystery of the woman—one garment at a time."

– Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli

See the collection here.

Outfit Notes:

Hat is second hand | Gloves are vintage | Fur cape is from my grandmother | Pearl necklaces are a few years old | Gold earrings are second hand | White beaded earrings are from Sézane | Corset is from my grandmother | Black jumper is from Benetton


Did you see the Schiaparelli SS2023 show? What are your thoughts on it?

What would you wear to a Schiaparelli fashion show?


Yours truly,


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