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Why I Love Jane Austen Novels

Dearest reader,

As I am writing this I have almost read all of the Jane Austen novels. To be specific, I am just about to finish "Emma" and "Northanger Abbey", and "Mansfield Park" is the one I haven't read yet but which I hope to add to my book shelves soon. Therefore, I took the freedom of deciding that I had enough experience from Austen's books in order to write about what makes them so loveable. After all I have read some of them multiple times, not to mention the movies. So, if you are thinking of reading more Austen, you are just getting into Austen or are a long standing Austen fan I warmly suggest you keep on reading to discover why this fellow Austen enthusiast loves these classic English stories in particular.


They tell about women's lives,

written by a woman.

This fact alone makes Jane Austen novels interesting classics. It is rarely in history, that a woman author has managed to gain such a high position in literature by writing about the lifes, thoughts and troubles of women. Moreover, Austen has done it a way that is incrediably timeless and continues to inspire us till to this day.

Each book discusses marriage and love from a slightly different point of view.

There hasn't been a conversation more current than that of marriage and love since the dawn of times, especially for women. Funnily enough, these are topics we spend a lot of time thinking about even nowadays because so much expectations and norms are still put on women regarding marriage and love. And while, Austen's women live in the 18th and 19th centuries their ponderings on the very same issues are, at times, surprisingly modern and offer plenty of food for thought.

They have brilliant, hilarious characters whose sayings and doings will make you giggle.

In fact, Austen's humor is at the same time cute, funny and brutal. Her sharp tongued depictions on the different personalities, doings and feelings of her characters is a mix of tender, playful amusement and witty obsevations.

The silliness of humans beings is displayed in a whimsical yet adorable manner.

What is propper and what is not determines the course of the stories from position to behavior and dressing to conversation, not forgetting each characters' personal opinions and rutines: everyone wants their daughers married, someone might let you in a scandalous secret and the most unlikely person ends up being a decent friend. It is needless to say, that Austen gives life to stuffy societal rules by means of misunderstandings and subtly making fun of those, who snobbishly follow them.

They show that simple things can and should be exciting.

Like balls, new dresses, one's neighbors, letters, trips in carriages, visiting a nearby town, going on walks, being invited to a tea, playing piano or discovering that a rich, eligible bachelor – who is not bad looking and in need of a wife – is moving to the area.

The portrayal of English country life.

There is hardly anything more charming than escaping to the fields, moors, coastal towns, country mannors and cottages emboding a British, gentlemanly enchanment. Life's happenings in the lap of nature is the ever comforting scenery of a good old Jane Austen -novel.

Outfit Notes:

Cardigan is made by me | Kilt is vintage | Rose choker is made by me | Bag is my mother's old | Earrings are Bonanza Paris | Tea cup is second hand | Book is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen | Nail varnish is Essie's Fifth Avenue | Lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Original


Have you read Jane Austen novels?

What is your favorite Austen novel?


Yours truly,


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