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15 Things I Learned in Milan

Dearest reader,

As some of you may know, I visited Milan recently during a study trip with my university. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the events of the city, which is why, I thought I would share some of my observations with you. So, here are 15 things I learned in Milan!

Pictures were taken by my beautiful friend Vilma who you can find on Instagram as @varjokasvi.



At a first glance Milan is not pretty but as soon as you see past its mismatched architecture and look into the details of life all around - noises, people, even dirt, private courtyards and trees on balconies - the city starts to reveal its beauty.


It’s possible to live next to Duomo and have a quieter house than in a small town in Finland. The only noise I heard before falling asleep was a distant rattle of a metro somewhere far below.


Frequently suggested but never talked about Milanise wisdom: reggersi ai sostegni.


Strange pick up lines at church: do you have gum, all churches have it.


Tiramisu can be a dangerous dessert causing sleeplessness, fastened heart beat and severe sweating...


When going into via Montenapaleone make sure you visit Valentino and ask Damon to assist you. He took me and my friend around the store and told us about their shoes.


At the illy café a cup of green tea is 7€ and your assortment of biscuits may never arrive.

But at least you’ll stay surprised.


Dining at an Armani Restaurant 🤌… well it’s like a well orchestrated, branded performance. And I have one advice: never share a dessert because they are tiny! But if your dinner company doesn’t like chocolate you might be lucky and get the piece that arrives with his coffee.


Italians can seem a bit grumpy sometimes but if you smile at them they will always smile back.


A spontaneous birthday party can be much more fun than an organised one and singing Happy Birthday in Estonia is surprisingly difficult.


Do not forget to make a wish when throwing coins into fountains.


Living with five roommates can suit you better than you realised.


Everyone in Milan is beautiful.


During a moment of solitude I sat down to read the opera catalog while spying stylish people arriving to a fashion show happening downstairs at Palazzo Morando. It turned out a night at the ballet can cost up to 3000€ ! Please correct me if I am wrong since I might have been confused due to lack of sleep and my nonexistent Italian.


You can eat pasta three days in a row if you also buy a packet of dryed plums.


Have you ever visited Milan?

Do you agree with my observations?


Yours truly,


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