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3 Affordable Ways to Update Your Room Decor

Dearest reader,

I have started my room decor joyrney which is particularly odd since I have never been into interior design mostly because it is so expensive, messy and inconvenient, and I would rather use my money on yarns or lipsticks. Don't get me wrong, I have very strong ideas of how my dream house would look but since it seems so far away decorating my room has never been a top interest. However, I am now at a point in my life where I have started to long for a unique space that inspires me beyond just being a place to sit in. That being said, I doubt that I am able to make any massive changes but the small things I can do will hopefully alter the character of the space for better.

So here are three things I will begin my room transformation with.


A Vase of Flowers

Without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest way to bring joy and live into any room is by placing an interesting vase of flowers in it. If you manage to find a particularly beautiful or strange vase the better since it will look delightful even when its empty. Besides can you go wrong in investing in a glass or ceramic vase when it's inevitably going to be used at some point in life? Personally, I couldn't afford throwing houndres of euros for a vase, so I looked for one in charity shops, and found a very lovely pink glass vase for 20 cents. A bargain of the year! And doesn't it look simply glorious on my shelves with pink roses!

Decorated shelves in a blue room

Pillow Cases

Another change I have already achieved was changing my pillow cases from black and white striped ones into a wonderful shade of medium, cloudy blue. I made the pillow cases myself on top of the old ones from a fabric I bought a while ago, and they do look much more agreeable against light blue walls of my room. Therefore, if you find your current pillows an eyesore and you would love to sew something, I strongly encourage you to get a beautiful fabric and start creating. You could also crochet or knit embelishment on top or add ribboms or lace or whatever your heart desires. In fact, I myself have not yet undecided whether I will add some decoration on my new pillows.


Curtains are something I am still considering. For my room, anything long would be unsuitable but something short and cute on the top of the window could work. Because the curtain would be so short I don't think it would cost a fortune, especially, if I won't go for the most expensive fabric and will sew it myself. Currently, I am thinking either something plain like white or blue linen, or a subtle pattern such as ginham or blue flowers on a light background. Which ever way I choose, a small curtain is certainly a delightful prospect!


How are you planing on updating your room decor?

What your dream room would look like?


Yours truly,


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