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Cardigan In 3 Ways – Part 2 With Skirts Only

I have been so over the moon with my newest knitwear piece that I am posting another blog post on how to style this red cable knit cardigan. (You can read my first post about cardigans here.) However, this time I am styling my cardigan only with skirt and dresses for a fun challenge and to change things up a little. So without rambling on for too long here are another three ways to wear your cardigan with skirts and dresses.


With A Tweed Skirt Or A Dress

This weed "skirt" is actually a dress but works wounderfully as a false skirt when pared with a classic black jumper, a cardigan and a fun hat.

Outfit Notes

A tweed dress, a black poloneck jumper, black tights, a white fluffy hat, a white top handle bag and a knitted cardigan in deep red.

With A Denim Skirt

One of my favorite color combinations is light blue and red which means a light washed denim skirt will look lovely against a darker knit. And when pared with a blue shirt, beret and a metallic crossbody bag you have yourself a lovely colorful look with different textures.

Outfit Notes

A denim skirt, a blue beret, a blue shirt, a blue crossbody bag, black tights and a cardigan in deep red.

With A Tartan Skirt

I surely cannot talk about skirts without mentioning a tartan skirt that goes so lovely with classic cable knit cardigans. This combination, in my mind, is traditional dressing at its best.

Outfit Notes

A tartan skirt, a red beret, a quilted crossbody bag, black tights and a cardigan in deep red.


Are you into the cardigan trend?

What was your favorite look?

How would you wear a cardigan?


Thank you so much for reading!



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