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Design Studies: 4th Year – Final Thesis, Part 1

Dearest reader,

I almost cannot believe that I have finally reached the part in my design studies where I start writing my thesis and, to my surprise, I feel much more ready than I thought I would. It took a long time for me to come up with a topic, so I hope that this one will carry me through the process and will be interesting for you to follow along as well, since I will share the process with you. But without further chating, let's have a look at my thesis topic!


The Topic


In case, you got totally confused while reading that gigantic heading, here is a much more understandable break down of what my thesis subject is about. Basically, I am going to design an haute couture bag collection of three to five bags which uses the Prima Ballerina shoe collection I did last year as a starting point. This means that the bag collection is going to be an extention of the Prima Ballerina shoe collection and uses the same inspiration which was classical ballet, rococo and Swan Lake. Read more about the shoe collection here.

However, this time I want to take advantage of my 18-year-long dancing background while designing the bag collection. Therefore, in this design process I am going to investigate the possibilites of sketching through dancing which not only takes me to study somatics, bodily knowledge and flow consciousness but also haute couture and rococo bags through which I wish to be able to develop design ideas for the Prima Ballerina -bag collection. As a result, I hope to have designed a bag collection utilising bodily knowledge through the medium of dance, documented the whole process in a creative sketchbook and on my Instagram stories as well as made 3D prototypes of the bag designs.

"The starting point of my thesis subject is body, which is an essential tool for designers, because through it our world of objects is designed, implemented, used and experienced. The body collects knowlegde of the world in many different ways and most of it is not verbal information but visual, emotional, realized through touch and practice. That is why, I believe designers could benefit applying knowledge accuired via movement and touch through the medium of dance to their creative sketching process. Since our designs are always connected to bodies who move, wear and feel, using dance as a way to sketch, to me, as a dancer, seems obvious and I want to study whether it is possible."



Haute couture | Rococo bags | Dance | Somatics | Bodily knowledge | Sketching | Flow of Consciousness | Fashion in ballet



Sketchbook | Dance | Somatic exercises | Diary | Literature | Dance Workshop | Observing | Interview | My own process

Let's chat


As I am writing this I don't feel as nervious about my thesis as I did couple of weeks back. However, I definetly feel a sense of worry which, of course, is only natural. Mostly, I worry that this subject is too hard and I won't be satisfied with the result because I really, really, really want to do a good job. But then again, don't we all? On the other hand, now that I have started doing some research and getting into this mess of a creative process I also feel increasingly excited, a bit scared and curious to learn more. Like walking in the dark with a very dim lantern looking for pieces of a puzzle and hoping that those I find will magically go together in a meaningful way, is propably the best way I can discribe how my view to this subject seems to me right now. And I can only hope the lantern will get brighter as I go.

Anyway, without boring you too long, I am excited to share this process with you in the hopes that it will spark inspiration or thoughts in your own life. Or, if you are just curious to learn something new through my creative process, I welcome you aboard! May these next months be fruitful!


In the next thesis post I am going to talk about these things: haute couture and 18th century bags.


Yours truly,



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